Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

We had a jam packed weekend! Knox had his first Halloween...or well, he was born last Halloween but his parents were in a "holy moly we have a baby and no idea what to do with it" state of mind so to say we didn't celebrate is a bit of an understatement. I believe we hid in the house actually...but not this year!

We headed to Dallas early Saturday morning for Caroline's 1st Birthday. It was a costume party and so cute. Knox was a football for halloween. No, not a football player, but an actual football. His mother might have ordered the costume a few sizes to big, so someone might be a football until they are five. Let's just say he didn't find this as endearing as he did annoying. Basically he hated his costume.

Cody and Christy were nice enough to drive to the party and pick Knox up so he could have a little slumber party with them Saturday night while Mom and Dad headed to the Four Seasons for a wedding. It was wonderful and the wedding was beautiful but we were in bed at 10:45. Yep, we have become those people...but let me say this, after having all we have had going on lately the prospect of a movie in a Four Seasons bed was just too tempting. I told Slade when I get old..don't put me in a retirement home, just send me to a Four Seasons. This morning we woke up to a little room service in bed...HEAVEN! Here is a fun fact for ya...this morning I noticed the room next to us had a pumpkin on the door. I asked Slade why we didn't get a pumpkin! We knew that the SF Giants were staying at our hotel and then tonight Slade saw on tv that a bunch of the players have young kids so they brought their families to the World Series. Since they couldn't Trick or Treat, the Four Seasons put pumpkins on all the players doors and the kids went around and Trick or Treated to those rooms. How cute is that?!

Today we met Cody, Christy and Heather for lunch before we headed back to the Falls to run by Nonnies to show her Knox in costume and then to the Barnards for their Halloween Party. It was adorable to see all the little kiddies in costume. All in all it was a great weekend!

Gracie not to fired up about getting her "hair did"

Sweet Caroline!

Precious Bumble Bee

Caroline was pooped so she decided to take a little rest

"Here Grandad, let me hold the bubbles for you!"

Caroline the mechanic checking out Gracie's wheels

"fair catch!"

Sweetest football around

love this pic

Dad's best catch ever....well since Mom

fierce little football

Bee beating down the chick

Hudson the fireman! GREAT costume!

Seriously, how cute is this kid?

Mom and her lil pigskin


Knox is over the costume and the he is resting his head on his costume

"Gracie, seriously, this wings are great!"

Ready for some cake!


Knox the football and Molly the fairy

The Bee striking a pose

Gan and her babies

Knox and his best girl

Bets and I at the wedding

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bustin a Move

Okay, so this is my new favorite thing Knox has ever done...he dances... and the best part...I didn't even teach him!! He's got them moves just built in! I noticed it this morning when he thought I wasn't watching. He just started dancing-ish...of course I couldn't get him to do it again and then finally captured a few seconds of it this pm when Slade was home. This is not his best stuff...nor his best moves but you get the idea....however, at the end I totally thought he was gonna bust out with Beyonce's "Single Ladies"

I had to put a few clips together since I only got it in spurts...

A Break...

Today I did something that I don't always do... I gave myself a break. Sometimes I feel like since I don't have a 8-5 job, I need to always be doing the house, working out, laundry, cooking, running errands or something "productive." (wow that previous statement reverted me right back to the 1950's...yes, I do all of the above in heels and pearls) There are days when honestly, I wish I was going to a school and having to teach someone else's kids or to an office to deal with other people's least you get a lunch break. Today, Knox has been a bit of a terror...he wants to walk and go EVERYWHERE. He gets frustrated when he can't and I become the one who needs to fix this problem! He has also decided that naps are not really his thing and cried for 1.5 hrs this morning in his crib...seriously, kid just sleep for 30 minutes and you are out of the crib in half that time.

Anywho, this afternoon when I went to put him down he again cried and would not go down. I knew he was exhausted so instead of putting him down and then leaving the room to go get started on the 35 things I should be doing, I just sat there with him and rocked him. He was asleep in 3 seconds. His little head tucked in between my neck and my shoulder and his arms around my shoulders and slightly snoring cause he is stopped up. It was precious and I decided right then and there that you know what, screw it, I wasn't going to be productive. I was going to enjoy this time because he is only going to be a baby for such a short time and I need to relish it. There are always going to be things I "need to do" and things I should be doing but he is not always going to be a snuggly little boy. Plus, he isn't a natural snuggler so I got to take it when I can get it! I sat in there with him for a long while and he just slept on me and I just loved on him. No, it's not the most practical way...but it sure was a GREAT way to spend part of my afternoon!
NOW, I'm off to do laundry...yippee.

We are Crawling...FINALLY!!

I never thought this day would come but low and behold it did....we are CRAWLING!!!! Only took a year and 4 days but who's counting? Knox has been scooting/crawling for a few months but not using any type of legit form. Yesterday, I walked in to find him doing it like a real baby!! Granted he has got a bit of a problem with his left leg..can't quite figure out where it goes so he kinda drags it gimp like but he's getting the idea and has already showed vast improvement today.
In the time it took for me to call Slade to tell him, Knox got into 3 things that he was not supposed this how it's going to be? Then it dawned on me...hmm I need to take a shower and I haven't child proofed the house. So I grabbed some toys and stuck him on the floor in the bathroom with me. Now I know why all those moms talk about having to shower really quickly to see what their baby is getting into. I never did because I knew he was gonna stay put where ever I set him more!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Early Birthday..

Uncle Thomas couldn't come in for my birthday weekend, but he came in the weekend before...we had so much fun!

A Year Of Knox..

Having Knox around has made this past year the best (albeit scariest) year of our lives. I am constantly amazed that God loves us so much that he chose to bless US with THIS baby. How lucky are we?

When Slade and I moved to the Falls, I set up our Christmas tree that first Christmas...well, we must have set it up a little too well...because now, we can't get it apart. Never one to let the small things deter me, I decided to decorate it for every season. It was a way to keep the tree up and I liked flexing my creative muscles. When Knox was born I had this genius idea: I would decorate it every month for the first year of his life and then take a picture of him to watch him grow...GREAT theory. First off, I didn't get started until Feb officially..couldn't quite get it together before then. I had no idea how exhausted I was going to be. 

Secondly, decorating a Christmas Tree every month is A LOT of work, not to mention expense, but I did it...for the most part. Not the greatest photos because it was hard at times to get the baby and the tree in the same shot and all of that good stuff...but I did my best and HERE IT IS! 

Didn't get a tree up but did get a pic of my newborn!

Knox 1 Week Old

Got a tree up but didn't get a pic of the baby in front of it


Knox 1 Month old

Again, got the tree up but not a baby in the same shot


Knox 2 Month's Old

Didn't get a tree up because we went to the Rose Bowl but did get a pic of the baby :)

Finally got a shot with the baby AND the it begins

Knox 4 Months Old (He's not sure about this)
Valentine Heart Tree


 Shamrock Tree

Knox 5 Months Old


Easter Tree

Knox 6 Months Old

Bonus Shot


Knox 7 Months Old

getting the hang of this!


Summer Tree

Knox 8 Months Old

Are we still doing this?


Patriotic Tree

Knox 9 Months Old

okay, in August I didn't do a tree because we were on our "Mountain Adventure" most of August. But I did get a shot of Knox in front of a "natural" tree.

Knox 10 Months Old

Bonus Shot (he's still in front of a tree!)


College Football Tree: TEXAS, TECH, TCU

Knox 11 Months Old


Birthday Tree!

Knox is 1! And now a pro!

Went from need to be propped in a bumbo to standing in a chair...such a big boy!