Wednesday, January 23, 2013

little bro...

Apparently being the 2nd child in this house means living in your pajamas for the first 5 months of your life...awesome. #babyproblems


Knox kept telling me he was "doing laundry"..I thought he was just pretending. It wasn't until about 45 minutes later when I heard the dryer ding and he says, "Oh! My undies are done!" I followed him in there and sure enough...he had washed and dried his undies and had his shirt in the washing was RUNNING! Thank the lord he didn't use soap or else things could have gotten very dicy. I didn't even know he could reach the buttons. I said, " cannot use the washing are only 3." He replied, "well I TOLD you I was doing laundry!"
#hesonly3 #momfail #lordhelpmewhenhe's5

Obama...our neighbor?

While watching the inauguration, I realized that ever since the election when one of our neighbors had an OBAMA sign in their yard, Knox has thought Pres. Obama lived down the street from us. He just saw him on TV and said, "Mom, there is Obama on TV! We should have been invited, we are neighbors!" When I said, "No, he lives in the White House." He replied, "Well ya, sometimes he does but he also lives down the street. He puts out the sign when he's home!" Not even sure where to start in explaining this one...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 Months!

I can't believe my little nugget is 5 months old! Seriously, I feel like I had him yesterday and poor guy, I think Knox had a zillion blog post by now and this might be his first...oops. Those people who tell you it's not different with two....liars. It's A LOT different! However, I think we are finally getting the hang of it!

Briggs is the SWEETEST little snuggle bug ever! He is so happy and is such an easy baby...well, he is now that I stopped over feeding him to the point of puking all day. Oops. He is cooing, giggling (my favorite) and LOVES his big brother. It's a very mutual love affair. Knox gets so excited every time Briggs wakes up from a nap, or basically enters the room. He still talks to him in some weird baby voice but I have come to accept it...even though it drives me batty.

Briggs is rolling over, he pretty much hates tummy time and loves sitting in his Bumbo and "talking" to everyone. He is OBSESSED with Slade. It's pretty cute actually, he just lights up when Slade enters a room. We are all three smitten with our little man!