Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sick boy.. Sweet brother

Took Knox to the Dr. Yesterday and he has strep and possibly pink eye. Funny thing is, no one really explained Pink Eye to him so yesterday I notice he keeps looking at himself in the mirror... Well, more than usual. When I finally ask him he said, "mom! I really don't think I'm sick... My eyes are still blue!" Poor kid thought his iris would turn pink.

I do think its so sweet that he's not sad about missing school, hasn't said anything about missing a birthday party, but he's DEVASTATED that he has to stay away from Briggs. He keeps saying, "I promise I'm not sick, I feel so much better. Please let me hug Briggsy now!!"
He just ask me, "after my nap if I don't cough at all, can I please hug Briggs." I said maybe, it will be a quick one and he says," no it's gotta be a long one, I didn't get to hug him at all yesterday!!"
I hope he is always this adamant about loving his little brother... Probably wont be, so ill enjoy it now!