Sunday, May 29, 2011


We went to New Orleans this weekend to celebrate Cuatro and Lindsey and attend their fabulous wedding! The wedding was amazingly beautiful and SO MUCH FUN! We ate...a lot...and since our hotel was right in the French Quarter there was lots to see and do. Slade is now obsessed with Beignet's and I am fairly sure put away about twenty. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner and a dessert reception on a balcony over looking Bourbon Street. We made it our own Mardi Gras and threw beads at people below..they didn't always ask for them, catch them, or like beads hitting them in the head but this did not deter us!

All in all it was a wonderful weekend and such a fun get away! We head to Childress to pick up Knoxie poo from the grandparents ....we had lots of fun but we miss out little nugget!

Before the rehearsal dinner

Me and Thomas

Betsaroo and I

The beautiful bride!

The Lindsey's and Shelby


Beth and I

the love each other...really


bride and bridesmaids

Thomas and I at the wedding

My Momma

Sarah, Beth and I ....smidge windy


My pops

Cuatro's cake...covey of Quail

Linds and Slade

it's love

Shelby, Brooke and I

dancing bride

Slade and Brooke

The Zoo!!

Last Tuesday, Knox took his first trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo! Brooke and I loaded up the suburban with our babes and headed south! Knox LOVED the zoo. However, his favorite thing about the entire place... Uncle Thomas was there!! He was beyond excited that Thomas surprised him and joined us! We also met up with Amy and Maggie and Beth, Madeline and Ben. Knox had a great time seeing all the animals "live" for the first time with all his friends. Good times had by all!
"Well Thomas, how will the fish hear me through the glass?"


"Mom, we love the fish!"

"So this thing is going to go in a circle and I'm gonna hang on here..right?"

and here we go....not so sure about this

kinda feelin it...

"Mom, no time for pics...gotta hang on!"

"Uncle T being crazy and riding side saddle"

"Check it out Molls! A Penguin!"

"see's right over there.."

"Mom! Do you see this!?!"

super thrilled to be taking a pic

"Mom, seriously get that camera out of my face!"

"Oh. my.'s GIGANTIC!"

Screaming at the tiger...then started to "bark" at him...not sure about that

love Baily's face!

best buds at the Zoo

"I am so headed in there to see these puppies up close!"

Brooke decided him climbing into the fence with the giraffes wasn't such a grand idea.

"Yep, y'all just keep feeding the fish... I will help myself to YOUR food! Suckas!"

"Mom..the girls are climbing on the fence and we are NOT supposed to try and go in there!!"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Knox's favorite new accessory....

So who knew my kid was such a diva...oh, that's right, I did. He has found his new favorite thing, my fedora. He thinks he looks mighty fine in this hat and has had it on ALL day. He found it in my room when I was running his bath water and came in dressed in a diaper, hat and his shoes. Yes, it's new that's why you can still see the price tag...which I find slightly comical hanging off so I left it.

doing hand motions to twinkle twinkle little star...regular Frank Sinatra

why can't I wear this in the bath?

doing a little jig

yet another pose...this time showing a little leg


who knows what he's doing...

organizing his shoes..

looking at birds in the back yard...

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