Monday, May 21, 2012

Congrats Bob!

It's me Knox and I had a big weekend! We went to Hereford to celebrate Bob because she is retiring after a really long time teaching and principaling. Her teachers threw her a retirement party and I of course was invited. When I got there I went into the office, got on the intercom and said, "BOB! I HERE!" She was SO surprised to see me!! I was also very excited because the retirement party was at Bob's school, so I got to go see all my friends (her teachers) especially Inella, Nancy and Boppy.

I know her school is going to miss her but I couldn't be more thrilled that Bob is retiring. I have big plans for us now that she is going to have more time..I mean seriously, why wouldn't she want to spend it all with me!?! Dodo and Dede were there and Heather a good chunk of my fan base was with me all weekend!

Daddy and Dodo played in a golf tournament and Daddy played with my new friend James Tate...I love him. It really was an action packed weekend; I got to see Meme, go to the park, play basketball in the gym at Bob's school, play in the sprinklers with Daddy and Dodo, go on walks with Bebo and basically have someone to entertain me 24/7...just the way I like it.

My big finale was Grandad sent his plane to come get Mommy and I because Dad had to stay in Hereford. I was SOOOO pumped. When we were on the runway I looked at mom and said, "We are going so fast, then we are going go really high, then Grandad is going to pick us up...I so excited!!"

Mom is an amazing stewardess. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm no diva... I just made her feed me gold fish, get my water, adjust my air about 423 times and may-ve read the same book about 14 times. I know she was happy to do it!

Bob and her boys

Knox had to get in on the action

Knox and Daddy

Heather and Bob

The diva headed home

All in all it was a GREAT weekend, I was pooped when I got home!