Monday, August 31, 2009

A Little Blip

We had a little blip this past weekend. I thought I might be having contractions but wasn't sure because I have never had them before! Also, I thought it could just be gas, it wasn't..oops! After a day and a half I decided to call the Dr and went into labor and delivery. Turns out I was contracting and was slighty dilated. Moral of the story is even if you feel like a total weenie, it's better to be safe than sorry. I got to spend a glorious night in the new facilities at United Regional and am happy to report that it is a very nice new hospital except there is horrible cell reception. The nursing staff couldn't be nicer and the food was decent. However, they do have a brownie cupcake thing and it was delish. I did get the pleasure of walking by a room at the exact moment a woman was in labor and needless to say the screaming and explecitives indicated that her pain was not being well managed. JUST what you want to hear before you have your first child!! Slade and I just stood there in shell shock and I'm not sure he has recovered just yet.

We got the contractions stopped and everything is fine for now, I just might need to take it a little easier :) It's a little early for baby H to make an apperance. I do feel a lot like Violet from Willy Wonka when she blows up like a blueberry after about 5 bags of fluid and tons of water. Slade was the perfect husband and stayed with me the whole time except for the occasional errand I needed him to run. A special thanks to Beth and Mom for coming to babysit me when he had to be out. We got home last night and THANKFULLY I don't have to be on bedrest if everything stays as it should. They gave baby and I a fabulous little pill called Ambian and last night I had the best night of sleep I have since January!

Thanks to everyone for the prayers, emails, calls and texts!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A few Things....

So, people keep asking me how I like pregnancy and if I feel different (obveously these people haven't been preggo!) so here are a few things I like about pregnancy and some of the things I WONT MISS!

Things I like:
Strangers are really nice to you
The parking spot for "expectant mothers"
I like that there is a little person in there that I get to meet soon!!
You can eat more than usual and no one says anything!
People always let you eat first!!
All the adorable baby stuff!!

The constant kicking all night long

People that think it's totally fine to say, "Man you have gotten big!" That's just rude and it's not like you would say that to someone who is just getting fatter....NO ONE preggo or not wants to hear that!!!

I really would love a whole night sleep without having to go to the bathroom
I would really just like to be able to get comfortable again
I am so pumped about the day when my bladder is not used as a trampoline
I really would like my waist back

I won't miss the smile and nod that people use to patronize you when you get angry and then just assume it's "the hormones" it's not hormones, I am ticked!!

The waddle...enough said.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby Shower!

Saturday the 15th of August, I was so blessed to have the most fabulous baby shower! Brooke planned it with the help of about 17 hostesses and Nonnie graciously let us use her home! It was so much fun and Baby H got tons of great gifts. It was also great to get to see all of my girls that could make it in!!!! Here are some pics (note to self: in the future if you want to look smaller during pregnancy, a super colorful shirt with swirls on it might not be the best thing to wear!)

I was so glad to see all my girls!!!!

Bolin Girls!

Hodges girls with ONE of Cody and Christy's wonderful gifts!

So many WONDERFUL gifts!!

Dad was very excited but also very overwhelmed!!

I was wiped out!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Julie, Amy and I went to the lake for a girls wknd in mid-July. I was a little over 6 months and wanted to get together before I got to huge...Heather joined us on Sat and we had a blast! It was so nice to have a weekend of no makeup and relaxation!!

Dr. Visit in Ft. Worth

So these pics are pretty old but I had to go to one of my appts in Ft. Worth. I think I was around 4 1/2 months at the time. Slade couldn't go with me so Amy went with me! Turns out she didn't want to miss documenting a thing! It actually turned into quite the experience. First off it took me a while to realize that the nurse kept asking Amy and I if this was "our" first child. I would just say "yep!" and not think a think about it. When I realized what she meant, I tried to explain that Amy was just the BF but I really did have a husband that couldn't make it to the appt. Next the Dr. came in and while he was a very nice man, I couldn't understand a WORD that came out of his mouth. He was Jamaican and needed to work on his English. Seriously the man could have told me that my child was going to be born green with four ears and three legs and I would just have just smiled and nodded. He then told Amy she should be a country singer...mind you she never busted out into song so we still don't really know what that was about!
So here are some pics from that day...yes Amy did make me pose with the DR. and you can tell I was smiling but thinking, "you have got to be kidding me!" Now I am glad she made me take all these pics because it was a day worth documenting!

Linds and the Dr.
Checking in
so happy to see baby but not quite sure why we are being photographed!

Yay! Baby is A-OK!

Proud Parents (according to the nursing staff ) :)

Showing off Baby's photos!