Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas in HTown

Christmas in H Town was lots of fun! We went up there a few days before Christmas and got to see the whole fam and meet new people at the Hodges' annual Christmas party! Knox loved getting to see all the Hodges and of course as we always do in Hereford...we ate way too much!

Knox, Sharon, Meme, Pa-Paw and Slade

Knox isn't too sure what to think about Meme..

or Sharon!

Uncle Chip and Aunt Christy reading Knox the Christmas Story

Knox thinks Aunt Christy is really funny!

Mom and Knox waiting to do Christmas

Team CH

Knox LOVED all his Christmas presents

Annual basement boys pic...Knox got to be in it this year!

the boys with Gunnar and little Slade

LOVED little Slade's shirt

Family photo

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving in H Town!

At 4 weeks I got my first road trip under my belt. We went to Hereford for Thanksgiving and it was a blast. I love getting to see my grandparents, aunts and uncle because I never have to be put down! My parents ate way too much but the food looked great and when I am off of formula I am going to tear it up! I love my grandmother Sharon, she had a crib set up for me in her room so we never had to be far apart and got up with me every night. My mom was so much happier to see me at 9am instead of 4am! But Sharon was happy to see me whenever! She talks to me and sings to me and I just love her. I even showed her how sneaky I can be...just when she would think I was asleep, I would open one eye to show her HA! I am still awake! But seriously, this woman is amazing, she even heats my towel so when I get out of the bath I am all snug and warm...I am totally getting the shaft from Mom and Dad! Steve-O and I got to hang out a lot and he would feed me and show me all kinds of things..even got to see snow for the first time! He took me over to see Butch and his lovely wife Mary Beth..I really like her :) Butch gave me my first pair of Wranglers with all kinds of fun stuff in the pockets. He put a race car, change, some rubber snakes, dice and then a box of these things called Condoms....Mom said they are just special water balloons but for some reason she won't let me hang out with Butch anymore!?
I got to meet Emma Kate and Easton who are my 3rd cousins and I think we are going to be good friends! I also got to meet Bridwell who is one of my Dad and Uncle Chips bestest first he didn't want to hold me but I convinced him and he was a pro. He brought over his financee Lacy and I really like her...not quite sure how he roped that one in.  I loved being in Hereford and getting to see Aunt Heather, Uncle Cody and Aunt Christy. I get to see them next weekend when they babysit me in Dallas! I loved my first trip to Hereford and can't wait to go back!

Helping dad get packed to go to Hereford

Are y'all ready yet? Sharon is waiting on me!

loaded up and ready for my first road trip!

there is no telling what life lessons are being taught...

My Thanksgiving outfit!

Dad...cut it out, people are watching!!

Emma Kate checking out Steve-O feeding Knox

Meme and Knox

Cody is Emma Kate and Easton's personal jungle gym

Wanting to give baby Knox a kiss

Dad and I are exhausted after a long day of eating.

I think Steve-O is really funny

and I sure do love him!

All these crazy people just stare at me all day long...I love all the attention!

No Aunt Heather, Giraffe's have 4 legs!!...I promise I have one, her name is Bonnie.

I am just enthralled with Auntie Heather..she's a little crazy but that's why I love her :)

Uncle Chip, I am gonna grow to be thiiiiis big!

Um excuse me, I'm down here

love this pic b/c it looks like someone just told Knox he won something and he is like, "who me!?!"
(his mamma is lookin a lil tired :))

Dad and I took naps every afternoon so the eating didn't wear us out to much

Woke up on Sun to my very first snow!!!

You can't really tell b/c of the light but this is Steve-O showing me all the snow!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Casa de Crazy..

You may have noticed but I changed the title of our blog.......for two reasons. 1. The Hodges Family was just so boring, nothing spunky about it and 2. I feel this describes our life with the addition of lil Knox MUCH better. Since there seems to be so much more chaos now that we have a little one, it only seemed fitting. Like yesterday for example....
Lil Knox has been kind of plugged up lately so I was shocked to see that he had a BM! (as Gan calls it) So expecting something fitting so such a little person I set out to change his diaper. I had NO idea what was in store for me! Let me just put it this way...when Slade walked in the door Knox and I were both exhausted. I had been through 2 outfits for him, 4 diapers, and probably a whole box of wipes. I also had to change my outfit as well. He just kept going, so about the time I thought I was out of there it would come again. In a 15 minute period I had been spit up on, poo'd on and pee'd on! My how life has changed!