Monday, December 26, 2011


I am totally a Christmas light snob. I like them a certain way but really I just like to see that a little effort went into the effect. I also dole out points for originality. That's why this year, our Christmas lights are really just God's reminder to me that bad lights happen to good people. I wish I could blame it on Slade, I seriously wish I could, but alas... he had nothing to do with it.

I went to get new lights and thought I wanted LED due to the energy saving benefits and they are brighter. In my haste I grabbed "cool white" as opposed to "warm white"...we get them all up and turn them on. Knox yells, "BLUE!" Well, he would be correct because it seems they are so "cool" the look blue. Awesome. So in an effort to debunk any rumors about us converting to Judaism, I added some greed LED lights to my garland on the bannister. That just looked ridiculous. Next, I added some colored lights...I am usually not a big fan of colored lights but I can't very well have two shades of white, now can I?

Needless to say, our lights this year are abysmal. They do not bring me the joy I sought when the process began. They do, however, cause Slade and I to laugh every time we pull in the driveway because they are just that bad. It looks like a colorblind toddler put them up. Oh well, there's always next year.

In what I can only say is the yin to my Dad and I decided to totally go "Griswald" on their lights this year because all the grand babies will be home for Christmas. It's not super hard when your main goal is to impress a three yr old and two 2 yr olds. Dad went balls to the wall and ordered 300 strands of lights and hired a crew to put them up. After three days of a bucket lift being in my parents front yard, they are complete. I would say I was more a co-designer on the project since I did none of the labor and paid for none of the lights. It didn't turn out exactly as we planned but this was our maiden voyage... so by the time the kids are say, ten, its going to rock your socks off. Dad wanted to do lots of blow up's etc. but in her true 4th quarter quarterback style (comes in at the last minute and thinks she's in charge) Mom nixed that. I tried to impress upon Dad that the true art of being over the top is to make it seem as though you don't realize it's too much. To be overtly tacky is just to takes more finesse and planning to make people question just what the heck you are doing.

A small fortune later, it looks amazing. Dad is a little bummed because he thinks it's too classy and not "Griswald" enough. Well hell, next year he can just have my "blue" and colored lights and shake things up a bit. He did decorate the kids playhouse in lights and it's really cute.

in process...


Friday, December 23, 2011

Bob Santa...

Meet Bob...he was formerly Knox, but I guess that was just a little to "out there" for him. After naming his bounce cow "Bob" Knox has decided that he likes the name and has adopted it. If you ask him what his name is...Bob. What? We don't even know a Bob that we regularly see, so I have NO idea where he got this. This morning I realized I didn't know Bob's last name. When I asked him, he thoughtfully looked up and after a moment responded....Santa. Meet Bob Santa ...(formerly Knox Hodges)

I have no idea where he found his sunglasses but he just walked in as I was typing this morning dressed like so

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Here's an update. I really thought I would be a regular blogger but once Knox became a toddler...that became a pipe dream.

Lets see....
For Thanksgiving we packed up and headed to Hereford. Knox loved getting to be with Rizzle and SteveO and his aunts and uncle. When we are all together Knox is not in need of attention. Since he's the only grandchild right now...he is the center of attention...constantly. Let's just say he doesn't hate it. He spent the weekend dancing for all of us...riding Bob (his blowup cow that HE named?) and sitting on the brick ledge eating crackers watching the rest of us put up Christmas lights. He is still working on everyone's names but a while back we were working on Cody and I suggested CoCo...he adapted it to Dodo. It helped that Dodo sends him postcards for his mailbox about once a week...He had Christy's name down but it was a little hard for him to say because he would only whisper it. One day over Thanksgiving I guess he thought to heck with that and just yelled across the room, "DoDo..DeDe" and so Cody and Christy were christened DoDo and DeDe.
his British guard PJ's I got in London...they make me really happy.

ready to go
he loves Dodo's beard... (yes, they were twins and no, it wasn't planned)

He is going to school and he LOVES it. His teacher is Mrs. Elizabeth and he loves her. Seriously, he gets a little ticked when I show up and promptly tells me, "No, Mamma. No, Bye Bye"

He is ALL about the Fantasy of Lights and the "Choo-Choo" that is in the front. It's going to be a sad day when the holidays are over and they take all of that down. He doesn't really get the whole Christmas thing just yet, but loves all the lights and loves Santa. I don't think he thinks Santa is going to bring him presents and all that just yet... he just likes the old guy with the beard that seems to be everywhere these days.

Knox loves the elderly.. I think that's why he's so into Santa. It's crazy. When we are at the grocery store or anywhere, really, if he sees an elderly person he goes right up to them smiles this big cheesy smile and says." HI!" It's really cute.

He is still working on his vocab but is talking ALL the time and follows most questions and statements with "Mamma".... "What's that, Mamma?" "Choo-Choo, Mamma" "Eat, Mamma" "Night Night, Mamma!""Look Mamma, Mailman!" you get this point. Why it's adorable and I'm thrilled he doesn't want me to miss anything can make for a long afternoon sometimes.

He is very into The Wonder Pets on my ipad..awesome. Thomas the Train or any type of Train for that matter. He loves LoLo and has christened Lindsey and Cuatro...Ninny and Tah-to.

He LOVES his Elmo hat that Dodo and DeDe got him for his birthday and wears it ALL the time..he only takes it off to replace it with his "golfer hat"

He is very busy. He loves to do laundry. He takes all his dirty clothes to the laundry room and puts them in the washing machine. He also does this with my clothes. Sometimes it makes things a tad tricky when I find my coat in the washing machine...

He is OBSESSED with his shoes. He wants to pick out what shoes he wears and he can't stand to NOT have shoes so very much like his father he is!

He is also very into his Blue Jeans which he calls "Blue" He likes them because Daddy wears blue jeans.

He LOVES bubble baths (thank you LoLo for introducing them) and he HAS to have bubbles whenever he bathes...He points to his tub when he wants to take a bath and says, "Buh-Bels" I love it.

He has also learned to turn on and off the light switches...I now live in a constant night club with the lights going on and off. He has a turtle that projects the stars and the moon on the ceiling so I have walked into his room a few times in the middle of the day to find him laying in a dark room looking at the stars...whatever keeps you happy!

Rizzle, SteveO, Dodo and Dede all came in this weekend and then Knox is getting to spend a few days with his Grandparents in Hereford...hence, my having time to blog. I get him back tomorrow and I'm ready! I miss my little booger!

I told him to get dressed for school...this is what he picked out. Apparently he's very serious as well.

showing Dad the Christmas ornament he made at school

headed to school

reading Goodnight Moon with Dad

so sweet

his FAVORITE... The Elmo hat

His Perm O Green Sweatshirt that Ninny gave him...he loves it.

"So Santa....define Naughty"

apparently he passed

he talks to Santa ALL THE TIME ... I think it's because they are eye level

All in all he's just the sweetest, most wonderful things ever....we will definitely keep him!