Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jello Meams

It's me Knox and I have a new favorite food group....Jello Meams! (Jelly Beans) See, the Easter bunny left us some when he came to visit and I climbed my happy little booty up on the dining room table to check out the teeny colored Easter eggs Mom had in a bowl...much to my delight, they were delish! So Mom has decided to use this to her advantage...when I am really good, I get a jello meam. I only want one and I get to pick the color...which are limited since Dad ate all the red ones. I average about 3 a day. This might not sound like much to most folks but my mom is a bit of a sugar nazi so I'm thrilled!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby Bubbles is a.....BOY!!!!

Yup, we are going to be a house of boys...and me. :) Baby Bubbles (who I think we have have to change the name for sure now..sorry Knox) is going to be a boy. I was a little shocked because I think I let everyone else convince me I was having a girl.

I went to the Dr. on Thrus and Slade couldn't go so I knew I wanted to find out the sex with my boys. However, sitting there with my eyes closed was NOT easy! I've never wanted to peek so bad!

We gave the sono to Cuatro and took it to Lindsey and then she went and had a box filled with balloons so Knox could open the box and see if he was having a brother or a sister.

That evening Knox opened the box and they were BLUE! I am excited. I love my little man and love being Mom to a little boy so I can only imagine i'll love two twice as much!! I already knew the "Hodges boys" Slade and Knox were the loves of my I get one more!!!
the Box!

my head got cut off but I love Knox's ohhh boy you are gonna shake things up!

so maybe horizontal stripes at almost 5 most prego wasn't my best idea

getting ready

They are BLUE!!
its a BOY!!!

Knox was more into the balloons

Knox in a box

playing with Gan and the balloons


Knox just walked in with the mail and said, "Look Mom, you got lots of bills!" haha ummm you are do you know about bills? I take it you don't really understand the concept because you are so excited about them.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April...the busiest month ever...

Holy Moly are kicking my booty. This baby growing thing has been a tad more challenging this time around in that I have been quite sick..oh and I am raising a 2 1/2 yr old.

It all started with the Hodges coming in for SteveO's birthday. It was great to all get together and Knox didn't hate being the center of attention for all his family. Shocking, I know. The following Tuesday, Brooke and I took our Roberto Mantellassi to UPPA Market in Dallas for two days.

 The following weekend was EASTER. We had a great Easter and I am happy to report that all the egg hunting practice was well worth it. We took Knox to the Country Club Easter Egg hunt and Bebe and Grandad joined us. Knox got ton's of eggs...I don't know who was happier, Knox or Grandad. He also got to meet the Easter bunny! This was very exciting for Knox. He wasn't sure at first but they were fast friends. It was slightly awkward when he told the Easter bunny who had a bit of a belly on him, "oh I see your baby!" and pointed at his stomach. Oops.

Easter Sunday we went to church and Knox was very excited to go down front with all the kids for children's church. Slade and I sat and watched and that's when things started to go south. He wouldn't go over with all the kids and he looked like he was concentrating...really hard. Turns out he was...on going number two. Awesome. My kid just took a poo in the front of the sanctuary on Easter Sunday. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? Since there was a little leakage, we had to cut out of church right after that. Needless to say, we were on time for lunch!

The week following Easter we had Cattle Barrons. Brooke and I did all the decor and it was no small task. Our theme was "Road to a Cure" so we used old trucks and a "road trip" theme for decor. Turning an Ag barn into a western wonderland is not as easy as one might think. Cody and Christy were wonderful enough to take Knox off my hands from Wed-Sun so it was great that I knew he was having tons of fun and not being neglected by his mother! Don't have a ton of pics yet but Brooke has a lot, so ill add more later.

Today my W show started.. so yes, April you are kicking my butt. If I can make it to next Thurs we leave for Pebble Beach to celebrate Dad's 60th!! This lil mamma is ready for a va-kay!

Easter Sunday...always a little time for Golf

Never one to let his mowing duties go by the wayside..

hunting eggs at the club...poor baby his allergies make him look like Rocky..after a fight

Look Grandad!! They had to go over all their loot


lounge area

entrance to food room and live auction items

bid board

stars of hope


flowers for bar...compliments of Lindsey, Brooke and friends

hand ties for Barron tables...

Back Porch Bar

Martini and Margarita Bars

view from entrance..please notice the "road"