Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Half a year later...

Our sweet little Knox turned 6 months old last Saturday. So being the excellent parents we are, did we have a "half birthday party" or something fun like that? Nope! We packed up the kid, took him to the grandparents and Mom and Dad went to the Four Seasons for the night. Superb parenting! It was our anniversary so as to our tradition we headed to Dallas. Knox got to spend a fun filled weekend with Tom and Beck and he was not without entertainment for 24 hrs straight. For the last two days he has been so annoyed with me every time I set him down because "over at Bebe's house" he is never left to entertain himself...the nerve! I had to explain to him real quick that life wasn't so grand when mamma was in charge!

Knox at 6 mos is sitting up, laughing, LOVES to smile and talk, eating mommy made baby food, rolling over, grabbing toys and banging them together...loudly, and a whole bunch of things that mom and dad just think are adorable. Gan is still his favorite babysitter. He loves to skype with SteveO and Rizzle and even looks at the comp now and sees them! He is the sweetest not so little baby and Slade and I continue to be amazed by him and how blessed we are to have him. I was thinking about it today and now I kind of understand how moms must feel when their sons get married. I found myself thinking how sad I would be when he loved some other girl more than me. I know it's a long way off, or it better be, but I can't ever imagine him not being MY baby.
Knox and Dad on his 6 month birthday!

half a year old today!

common occurrence.....finger in the mouth...keep thinking I will find a tooth

Mommy and Knox

SOO SICK of you people kissin on me!


Molly and Knox going for a walk

too cool for school

so in awe of my daddy

hangin with Emma

love looking at myself

chattin with mom

such a happy boy!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


 Two weekends ago my wonderful husband surprised me with a quick getaway trip to Florida to see AmyJo! I was sooo excited and as much as I love the job of personal assistant to Knox Hodges, I needed to be Linds for a weekend! So I headed down to Ft. Lauderdale where I got to hang with Amy and her fabulous mother. I got to see and learn all about Amy's new super fun life as a chef on a yacht. We went to the beach and hopped hotels from the Ritz to the W trying all the "fancy" drinks.  On Sat. we decided to be crazy and head to SOUTH BEACH! We stayed at the incredible Fountainbleu Hotel and had a GREAT time. I could tell you all about this but since I am not real sure who reads this blog, I am gonna say, "what happens in Miami stays in Miami!" However I will show you the pictures and you can draw whatever conclusions you see fit. Of course we were on our best behavior ;)
Mojito at the W

Mr. Owner's house

his street...I wanna live here!

our fab hotel

the mini was weighted! You take something off for more than 20 sec and you pay for it!


so I got in the room and there was an iMac! Hit the mouse and it said HELLO LINDSEY
Well hello to you too!

this was a CAKE in the bakery

on the beach....lil windy

waiting for our table...kind of awkward getting in and out of these massive chairs

lunch...loved this restaurant

mini feet

dance party!

getting ready...

great friend...took a pic of me checkin out me backside

ready to hit LIV nightclub

one of our "friends" we met

our other "friend"......but FREE drinks all night! (water of course)

Thats ME! Don't my abs look amazing!

got a little camera happy

this picture was taken in the restroom by some lady who thought we were just too cute!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Couldn't make this stuff up if I tried....

You ever have one of those days where you look to the heavens and think, "REALLY!? Throw me a bone!!" Well, I do and one was two days ago. I had a dentist apt for the other side of my mouth to get a cavity filled. I had been the previous week to get my right side filled and I guess it was a doozy cause it hurt...dang pregnancy! {can cause cavities} Anywho, I was up all night because the cavity from the previous week was really hurting and my jaw was throbbing. I was going to skip the apt because the other side still hurt but after a week of pain I convinced myself that it would in fact not stop hurting without some dental intervention, so I decided to go to the apt. The appt goes fine but she has to work on both sides of my mouth so one side is completely numb and on the other my jaw is really tight. As I am leaving I realize that I need to run by the grocery really quickly to grab some things for Knox and dinner. As I am headed there, I go under the overpass and on the other side a motorcycle cop flashes his lights at me. For the life of me I STILL don't think I did anything wrong. He said I was speeding so we went through two stop lights and an overpass and THEN he stopped me?? But he insisted I was speeding....If I was speeding I would admit it, ok you got me! Think about when you don't feel good and have a really bad you turn into Jeff Gordon? um no. It's more of a dazed lazy drive. That was me. So he pulls me over and I roll down my window to ask him what I had done. Then it hit's me....the left side of my face is completely numb. At first he thought I was making fun of him of being a smart butt. I then had to explain in a VERY awkward manner that I had in fact just had dental work done. For some reason the numbness gave me a very strong lisp and I couldn't form my words very well. So here I am trying to tell him that I do think he is wrong and I was not sssssppppphhheeding but it's REALLY hard to plead your case when you sound like a 4 yr old. As I am listening him explain his "side of the story" I feel a slight tickle on my guessed it! I was drooling. Honestly, I would have been mortified if it wasn't so exasperating! By this point I decide that it would just be better to take it up with a judge when I can speak correctly then continue this masochistic behavior and just call it a day.
Next I run into the grocery store "really quick" and of course see about 10 people I know. It was a lot of me smiling at someone only to realize that only half my face was cooperating....awesome. Thus was followed by perplexed smiles on the part of the recipient.
When I get home I realize that my hair clip had shifted when I was getting my teeth worked on and my hair was down and the bottom was REALLY frizzy and the top was sticking out everywhere....So to everyone that saw me on Tues, yes I realize I did look like a complete lunatic with my crazy grin followed probably by drool and hair to rival Einstein! Great day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

24 Day Challenge

So...turns out when you have a baby things don't just "snap" back in to place! Crazy, right?  I do not like this AT ALL nor do I think it's fair. Try to get your brain around this, first you "get" to be prego which may or may not include: nausea, vomiting, bloatation, someone using your organs as speed bags, along with a total array of completely weird bodily happenings that no one shares with you. Next, you go through labor itself, I still can't even think about this "glorious" event because then Knox would be an only child. So after ALL THAT, then you are expected to get back in shape... which is exactly the last thing you wanna do. Something is seriously wrong with this. Don't get me wrong, I love my child, but could I have done without excess weight for the last year of my you betcha! I may become an advocate for a little nip/tuck after should be a package deal! The hospital should offer it and insurance should totally cover it! Along with waxing or laser hair removal for legs, bikini or wherever else while you have an epidural... Brilliant, right? I mean if they told me they were gonna charge me and the insurance extra for a little suck and tuck plus I would no longer have to shave my, Sold!

Anyway, back on topic, I am sick of my excess 5-10 poundage which has decided that it's quite comfortable sticking around. Honestly, I haven't done anything really to get it off so I can't totally blame it for not going anywhere. BUT that is all about to change!!! The only time in my life when I was really happy with my weight for a consistent amount of time is when I was on Advocare products. So I am getting back on them and they have a 24 day challenge to kickstart I am starting Monday! The average person that does the challenge loses 8-12lbs. Why am I blogging this? Well because if I tell all of you people then it will be harder for me to cheat!!! OR if you wanna do it with me!!! :) If you are interested you can contact me and i'll be happy to help you get the products...they are not sold in stores.
I'll keep ya posted on my to be continued....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Team CH comes to town....

This weekend while Mom was livin it up in Miami (more to come on that!) I was home with Dad. Since he was playing in the Smash Tennis Tournament, Cody and Christy came in town to help out. I am SOOOO proud of Dad, he and Tracey WON their tournament.....Pretty good for his 2nd tournament, huh?  My daddy is an ATH-LETE...just like me! Why am I an athlete at only a few days shy of 6 mos?Well, I'll tell ya! I did my first walk for charity! {well technically I strolled} Team CH was trying to raise money for Rachel's Challenge and I was team captain! It was a little rainy so we bundled up and raised some dinero! Thanks Team CH for coming to babysit! I miss you already!
Uncle Chip feeding me some Sweet Potatoes

Love hanging with Aunt Christy

what's so funny?

these two can't get enough!

have no idea what happened here

chillin with Chip


bundled up and ready to go

mid sentence or saying brrrrrrr....not sure

ALSO Winning Team.....Raised over $2000!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Nutella.......

Dear Nutella~
I hate to say this but the time has come when I think it is best that we change the nature of our relationship. We have been very close lately and your nutty taste and silky texture have been a great source comfort and joy in my life. You were a vital part of my sanity during my pregnancy and for that I thank you. However, I feel it is time that like my friend wedding cake, you are going to need to be a "special occasion" friend. We met during my days living in Italy and while I don't hold you completely responsible, you were a vital part of my 20+lb weight gain. I have loved you ever since but feel that at this time it's best if I cut you off. Slade has come to appreciate your chocolate-y goodness and in all honestly, it's just not a healthy relationship. I know, your commercial says you can be part of a "tasty balanced breakfast" but no one I know puts you on a piece of whole grain bread like the mom in the commercial...and while I do have you occasionally at breakfast, I don't stop there! Yes, you are made with skim milk and yes, I am sure in 1 tablespoon servings you are not "that bad." But in my many years as your friend, I have yet to only be able to have 1 tablespoon at a time. I am sorry dear friend, but I must let you go or I fear I will end up like this....
Much love,

Monday, April 12, 2010

I can sit!!!!

I sit now!!!!...buuuuut not for very long. So, since Mom was MIA all last week and she kinda feels ugh today cause her toof hurts where she got a filling, she has been hangin with me all day! I been having some problems with my hips, they are a little tight, so I don't really like to be on my tummy or in a sitting position so we worked on that today. I mean please, with a body like this I gotta stretch out! I really only like to be on my tummy if Molly is there on her tummy too. I think it's really fun to hang with her and sometimes we even hold hands...only as friends.. cause we are cousins and we don't live in Arkansas. Anywho, Mom set me up and I would sit there and watch my toy where the little chicks dance and sing "We've got the tweets" instead of "We've got the beat"...LOVE that toy! I would sit until I would get to excited then I would fall over. I might have face planted a few times cause my mother was a little slow on the uptake...real cool, I know. Mom was busy last week but I had a great time! I got to hang with Bebe on Wed, spend the night with Gan on Thurs, SteveO on Friday and then Rizzle on Sat. I mean my dance card was FULL!!! It was almost like every time I would go to sleep then SURPRISE there was someone different there when I woke up...greatness!
sitting watching my chicks dance

trying REAL hard to stay upright

Rizzle changing my diaper
Mo Betta

New hat dad got me

check out these muscles SteveO


to cool for school

hangin with my girl Molls

holdin hands

what you talkin bout Willis?

checkin to see if Dad is watching

HA! I rolled over!