Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Greatest 4 months of my life......

....because they are the only 4 months of my life! I turned 4 months old today...I'm practically a man!
Mom, I know you need to document my 4 month bday but seriously...give a guy a little rest!

awake but still sleepy

look how big my feet are!

wazzup ladies!

Monday, February 22, 2010


We had a very low key weekend with the exception of Sat night....we went to the CASINO! Yep, like the classy people we are, we left the kid with a babysitter and Mom and Dad headed across the border to gamble with the Indians! This is not meant as a slur...literally the casino is on an Indian Reservation. Thomas and Slade sure did give me a lot of crap about playing the slots because they were playing the much more sophisticated game of Black Jack. Well this little mamma hit a jackpot of $500 and they well...had their hide handed to them! Hahaha Suckas! I was playing a little game I like to call Wheel of Fortune. I know people talk about the simple pleasures in life and this is one of mine....when you hit the button on the center of the machine...the group of people yell, "WHEEL...OF...FORTUNE" and the wheel atop the slot starts to spin....its glorious! Anywho it was good times. The Knoxter is getting SO BIG! He had so much fun spending Sat morning with his grandpa when we ran to see little Ben and then again on Sun when we went to play tennis. HE LOVES playing with my Dad (grandfather name yet to be determined), Thomas and especially Bebe!
wiped out after LOTS of playing

Uh Mom, did you know that Ice Dancing is an actual Olympic sport?? So bogus!

get a load of this Bob Harper.....

uhhh....Go Frogs?

If I sit up a liiiiiitle higher I can see myself in the mirror

what I walked in on.....there are no words to do this justice

First time to wear jeans

Mommy and Me

So in love.....

Another Friend!

Knox is so excited to announce that one of his future BFF's was born last week. Benjamin Carter Barnard was born on Sat and he is absolutely precious...and TINY! I can't believe the Knoxter was that small only 4 mos ago!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Dumbest thing I have done in a LONG time!

Ok so this happened to me last night and in all honesty it's quite hysterical....granted there are going to be those people that are going to be like, "I can't believe she put that on her blog!" but seriously, if you can't make fun of yourself then what's the point.

Last night, Gan graciously offered to keep Knox overnight. So Slade and I go to dinner and then come back to relax a little bit and then hit the sack. We are so excited about a whole night sleep with no monitors or anything. Slade passes out but I can't sleep, so I decided to download an audiobook on my phone so I can "read" without waking Slade up. I decide to download Lauren Conrad's new book. Yes, I realize that the target demographic for this "novel" is a 13 yr old girl but I must admit I love stuff like this! Seriously, if it is meant for a tween, I am all about it. Harry Potter, WB tv shows, Twilight...Yes please!
So I am having to try to look for the book and download it under the covers because I don't want the light from my phone to wake Slade on his one night off. I find the book on the best sellers list and hit download...I notice it was only $5.99 but just thought dang that's cheap! I wait for it to download and then when I see it's finished, I go to downloads on my phone and just skip to the last one and hit play. Keep in mind this is all done only seeing about half the screen because the phone is under the covers. The book starts....the first thing I realize is that the writing is REALLY bad! I was like dang LC, whoever your ghost writer is did a horrible job! Then I notice that the story line is not AT ALL what I thought it would be, but I decided that maybe I didn't remember the first book as well as I thought. The next thing I notice are the choice words being used. I am thinking to myself that I don't feel this is appropriate for a 27 yr old much less a tween!! Next, it gets SCANDELOUS! By this point, I am like this is not the book I ordered, so I look down at my phone only to realize that I must have hit the wrong book because I am listening to a book of EROTIC SHORT STORIES!!!!!! OH. MY. GOSH. I am MORTIFIED. I didn't even know they made audio erotica!!! and why is it on the best seller list!!?!?? SO then I am like..holy moly..what if Slade wakes up and hears this!!! He is going to think I am a freak!! This thought makes me laugh...really hard. At midnight, I am laying in bed, burying my head in the pillow trying mute my hysterical laughter.

I didn't have time this morning to hook my phone up to my comp to delete this "book" if you can even call it that, so I was paranoid during all my errands that somehow my phone would start playing and everyone could hear it or see it on there. I know this is impossible, but still. I called Slade to tell him about the debacle and he is dying laughing at me and the only thing he says is..."so, is it still on there??
He was only kidding but SUCH a boy response!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Follow Me!

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Cupid Who?

So my first Valentines Day was well..."love"ly!  I was so excited because SteveO and Nana (yep, she finally has a name!) came back in town to see/babysit me! I just LOVE it when SteveO and Nana come, I pretty much get my every whim catered to and mom and dad are always so much nicer on Sunday because they have gotten to be adults for the weekend instead of parents. On Friday, Uncle Cody came in town and I was soo glad to see him. He is so funny...Daddy grew a beard but then Uncle Cody came in town and showed me what a real one looked like! I was sad that Aunt Christy was in Arkadelphia and I didn't get to see her. At first I thought she was just making that up but I checked with Mom and turns out that is a real place. Who knew!?! Mom and Dad went to a big fancy party on Sat night so I got to hang out with the GParents. Mom is so great, she knew I wasn't around in the late 80's/early 90's.. cause well I was just born a few weeks she got her hair done like a prom queen from back then just so I could see what they looked like! Sooo pretty and poofy! But kinda felt like straw. Don't worry people, she toned it down before she left for the party. Please, like I would let her go in public like that!

I spent a lot of the weekend watching the 'Lympics and I totally think I could do that one day! I really like watching the figure skating...there is lots going on...spins, twirls and MUSIC! Mom told me I could be whatever I wanted to be...just maybe not a male figure skater....she says Spandex on men is not a good look. Speaking of "shakin what your mamma gave ya"... my momma went back to Zumba today for the first time in a while since my arrival and she sure is walkin funny! Plus when she squats down to pick me up she kind of grunts and whimpers....I think this is REALLY funny!

THEN we got a GREAT surprise...Uncle Thomas showed up!!!! Mom and I were walking out of my room and just like a little ray of sunshine he was standing right there! Mom was really happy to see him and SOOO WAS I! I just love Uncle Thomas. I don't get to see him a whole lot cause he lives in the
"snow belt" aka Cleveland but now he is moving back to Texas and I am so excited. He just played and played with me. I showed him how I can talk now and how I can roll over! I am excited because he is coming back over tonight. Only downfall is he is coming to watch this so called "24" with my parents. I am not real sure what this entails but all I know is that when my parents "24" I either am supposed to be asleep or reeeeeaaally quiet! Personally I don't know how this Jack Bauer character could be any cooler than a male figure skater but Mom assures me he is. He sure doesn't have the pretty and sparkly outfits!!! C'mon I'm a baby...I LOVE shiny things!

I tried to stay up for Nana but just couldn't make it

still wiped out

sleepy lil heartbreaker...

NOW I am up!

kinda tired again.....must be growing

Uncle Thomas came to see me!!

I am having so much fun

He's so crazy!

Teaching me the "tootsie roll" hips have never done that before!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grizzly Adams...kinda

 My Husband and I were havng a little conversation the other day that went something like this:

Me: I wonder if you could grow a beard.
Slade: Umm ok, yeah I could.
Me: I don't think so, I think you should try it"
Slade: "Why would I do that"
Me: "Because I have never seen you with one because you have shaved every day or at least any other for the last 6 yrs and I wanna see what you would look like...I mean if you can't grow one then..."
Slade: Watch me

Fast Fwd 3 days and this is what we have!
Personally I think he looks pretty hot with a beard....
For some reason he looks like Tim McGraw to me in this pic 


It was brought to my attention by a friend that I said the little boy at the Dr. office was "retarded" on a previous post. First off,  I meant ABSOLUTELY no ill will, nor was I making fun. The reason I put this was because that is what his mother said to a lady sitting next to them. She said he wasn't down sydrome but that he was mentally retarded. I don't know if she knew what she was talking about but I didn't know if there was a difference? and in all honesty I totally thought this was a medical term used to diagnose a mental condition...if someone would have paid attention to the context instead of trying to just be a jerk, they would have noticed this. This was an honest mistake and honestly if you know me, you should KNOW that. I hope this clears this up...she mentioned someone had said something and I wish people would have just told me instead of talking bad about me...

Honestly, this makes me FURIOUS. Especially now that I am a mother ...I would never be so callus about someones special needs child. And quite frankly it hurts my feelings that someone would think so.

Its Snowing!!!.....again

Yep, it's snowing again! Who knew that WF would become the Vail of the south....well minus the mountains :( It's like it was on Christmas Eve but at least then we had lots of family around and good food. The only thing that really stinks about getting snow in WF is that people don't know how to handle it! Seriously, all the businesses, schools and highways close. Everyone is like well "Gaaw-aawl-ly" it's snowin!  I mean I have been watching the news and this guy has been reporting on the snow for a good 10 minutes. If this was how it was in Colorado, people would never get to watch TV...well strike that my TV just went out...awesome...gotta love Dish! I thought we were supposed to be worried about global warming??.... WF has never had this much snow. However, it does make everything soooo much prettier!!!
View out the front door

                                                                               back yard

back yard again

Brook Hollow

Watchin the snow...

Hey Mom, Did you know it's snowin?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

musings of a bambino...

This is me, Knox. I am now 3 1/2 months old. Mom took me to the dr. yesterday and I weigh a whopping 15lbs. Turns out I have a little eczema..not a big deal but now I am a bit of a grease monkey cause she has to lather me up with lotion all the time. Mom calls me her little snake cause I am shedding a layer of skin...gross mom. So life thus far has pretty much been a breeze. Everyone constantly is telling me how handsome I am and after finally being able to focus, I got a peek of myself in the mirror and turns out THEY ARE RIGHT! I am quite the dashing little thing. However, I had a nice luscious full head of hair and now it's falling out! I am 3 mos but have the same hair line as my grandfather! WHAT?  This stuff best be coming on back in. Also, turns out my awesome tan was from Jaundice. Once that cleared up, so did my tan!
Last night I just didn't feel like and dad aren't big fans of this. I just wanted to talk and PLAY! I love to play!! So I got up at 10:45, 1, 3 and 5 then I stayed up for a while! Dad is always so happy to see me when he gets home from work but this morning....NOT happy to see me! Mom finally moved me to her bed about 7 to see if I would sleep better and feed me. I can always tell when she is REALLY tired because she just lays in bed and puts the bottle in my mouth while I am laying in my nap nanny! This sucks for me (literally) because she gets so tired that her arm falls and then I have to suck reeeaaalllyyy hard to keep the bottle up. So then when she burped me I showed her my superb aiming skills. There was one little bitty spot where her shirt collar came out and I spit up RIGHT in that little spot! So it went all down her chest! Score! All mom said was, "you have GOT to be kidding me." No mom, I am not kidding! Did you see that shot!?!

SteveO and Sharon came to see me this weekend and Bebe and T were back from their FOREVER long vacation so I got lots of lovin! I love it when they all play with me because they just talk and talk and talk. Now that I can talk back they just eat it up! Seriously I have these people wrapped around my little bitty finger. I have EVEN convinced Sharon and Steve to come back and babysit me again while mom and dad go to some Valentines thing. I am glad because mom started a diet because he body is just not the same since me and she had been a little grumpy. I think it's cause she is hungry. I mean I know it's called "baby weight" but was I the one eating Nutella out of the jar??...uhm I think not.
Bebe got this for me for Valentines Day!


Can't wait to play Escondido

watchin a little tube...ohh my hair!

I like to sit in the crack...I can see everyone!

dad's double chin

Steve and Sharon are back!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Adventures in Pediatrics

So I am at the dr office with Knox because he has a little rash. It is amazing how God can use small things to put us in our place. I have been in a bit of a funk lately with the weather and just my loss of freedom since I am now a parent. So as we sit down there is a little boy maybe 6ish who is in a wheelchair and seems to have cerebral palsy or something. There is also a 4-5 month old who is mentally retarded, but sooo cute and a HAPPY lil thing. Looking at these little boys breaks my heart and made me realize how BLESSED I am to have my little chunky monkey! He hasn't made a peep and is just taking it all in. It kind of feels like God just slapped me in the face with the realization that things could have been REALLY different.

On a little funnier note, sitting next to me are 7 yr old twin girls who are adorable. They just realized that in their school play they have to play the part of Presidents who are ... BOYS, the ickiest creatures on earth. Direct quote, "mom I don't think I can do this! Why oh why would they make us be boys, they are the worst things on the planet. This is not what I agreed to and why couldn't some of the Presidents be girls? We are better anyway!" I couldn't help it I just cracked up. After listening for a while I told the mom that she should be a lawyer, she has great arguments for 7 yrs old! They are currently in negotiations with their mom about what they would get if they just do it and don't complain once. The other twin has negotiated a book for each ad then one to share... Law school anyone?

I hate being at the Pediatricans office... I feel I should shower in anti bacterial when I leave!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

relational low...

Tonight I realized what 6 years together does to a couple....Slade and I had a date night after he had been out of town for 4 days. We were sitting at Pasqual when I told Slade how earlier in the day I was cleaning out my "inbox" and ran across some old emails. These were just random stuff but one of them was kind of rude (not from him) and it made me mad all over again. So I am thinking he is milling this over and is going to say something sweet about the context of the email and make me feel better when suddenly he busts out with..."ya know, that could be a song! Cleaning out my inbox!!!" I had no words....
So he then precedes to come up with a "backstory" for his new song "Cleaning out my inbox" and how it could be a country tune or you could beatbox and make it a little rap...ha get it? beatbox to inbox? Literally a good 30 minutes of my date night consisted of making up bogus lyrics to what might be the dumbest song ever. I tried valiantly to express that songs with the use of the word "inbox" in the title might not be so catchy. However, he then defeated this idea by putting a tune to it and I have had this dang song in my head for almost 2 hrs now!!
Just a little glimpse into what it's like being married to Slade Hodges.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chatty Kathy...

So Knox has figured out how to talk (coo loudly) and now there is no stopping him! He lays on his little mat and talks to all the hanging animals, luckily Dad named them all so we have Ellie the Elephant, Malcom the Monkey (wanted a diverse crew) Peter the Parrot and Gertie the Giraffe. He also lays in his crib and talks to his seahorse and LOVES to talk to mom so she will talk back to him. Slade has been out of town for a few days and it's been Knox and mommy all we have amped up our social schedule. We had lunch with Gan, dinner with Trish. The next day lunch with Brooke, Baily and Molly and then dinner with Nonnie. Knox is just bubbling with personality and Slade and I are having so much fun with him. The other night Black Eyed Peas were on the Grammys and he was sitting in Slade's lap staring at the TV and dancing! It was pretty cute!

Lookin like a little gangster

Sleepy Baby

Knox loves him some Gangan

to infinity and beyond!!!