Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

It's me Knox and I would just like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Daddy!! Today my pops turns the ripe old age of 28..and Uncle Chip too (they're twins ya know!) My dad rocks my socks off...he always plays with me whenever he's home and crawls after me saying, "i'm gonna get you!" It makes me laugh REALLY hard. Dad is always up for dance parties with me and Mom and is pretty much a shoe in to pick me up and give me my way when Mom won't. Basically, let's be honest...we are crazy about each other and pretty much bestest friends! I just thank God that He loves me soooo much that He gave me THIS Daddy...don't know what I did to deserve him, but i'll take him!

The day started out with just Dad and I getting to hang out. He came in and got me and then we hung out for a little bit and he made me breakfast. However, since it was his special day, I returned the favor! Well, I had a little help from Mom. "We" made him pancakes...he was pretty judgmental about the "shake and pour" pancakes but once he tasted them he changed his tune. Ha! teach him to doubt us! We also made him scrambled eggs and bacon. Ya, Mom and I were pretty much rockin' it in the kitchen this morning.

Next, he opened his birthday presents and for a one year old I am quite the shopper. I got him a sweater and a shirt. Mom got him a massage so after breakfast he left us and went to do that. I am not so sure why this is birthday present material because, truth be told, I get massages after every bath...doesn't everybody??

After that we went to lunch and Adele joined us..basically, it was a double date. Mom and Dad and then Me and Adele *swoon*...supposedly she has a boyfriend, but I am not threatened by this. Granted, he's probably potty trained, can walk, might not have my extensive vocabulary of "who's that?" and doesn't survive on milk and Gold Fish. But then again, he doesn't have my "adorable face" does he?? (it's a cheese ball smile that I have been working on and I have it pretty much like a charm and the ladies love it.)

After lunch, Dad went to the golf course and I took the girls shopping at Shoe Closet. You wouldn't think I would like to shop in a "ladies store" but let me tell you something...they got some SUPER COOL shiny stuff in there!! Not to mention...MIRRORS! I was everywhere! I also really enjoyed touching any thing that was faux fur..I would just rub on it and sometimes put it against my cheek. To my utter astonishment, the ladies couldn't get enough of me and my super vocabulary of "who's that?" and "uh, oh" so I had to work the room a little.

Then after my nap I got shipped off to Bebe and Grandad's for the night. Funny thing, Mom and Dad think they are getting out to "celebrate" but in all actuality it's me that wins out on this deal. I am gonna be spoiled rotten for the next 24 hrs!!! Happy Dad's Birthday to ME!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fun times in Fredericksburg

Slade and I had a great weekend even though it started out a bit rough. Steve and Sharon were kind enough to drive in to keep the Knoxter for the weekend so we could go to Ginny's wedding in Fredericksburg. Before we left on Friday, Sharon got the pleasure of taking Knox to the dr. with me because he had been running about 103 temp for the last few days and I wanted to get him checked out before we left. Low and behold he had a double ear infection...yippee. I swear I am not hosing my child down and then leaving him out in the elements all night long..naked. I know it may seem like that since he is sick SO MUCH. However, since I am the worlds first and only perfect mother, I blame school! Every time he goes he gets sick! Anywho, he got a giant shot and even though he was mortified that both Rizzle and I allowed this awful woman to do this to him, he got over it pretty quickly. After that, he was on the he got the pink know the kind we all got when we were kids that I could, to this day, just drink from the bottle. I always viewed it as a bit of a reward for being sick. Maybe he will be just as twisted as his mamma.

 We headed down on Friday afternoon and holy moly...that's a long drive. We got in late Friday night only to have my dear sweet mother send us to the wrong hotel. We drag some poor woman out of her house at 10 pm to come up there and see what the deal is only for her to tell us that we are booked at the OTHER hotel...awesome Beck.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and it was so great to get to hang out with some of my friends from college. Only bad thing is that it was FREEZING...literally. I looked super duper in a black cocktail dress, tights that I put on in the car (not an easy feat) and cowboy boots. Luckily I threw in a black swing coat last minute but I really needed more of a parka or sleeping bag that I could have just hopped around in. There were heaters and a bon fire so I mainly spent my night "heater hopping" to chat with different people.

Sunday we got up at the crack of dawn to drive to San Antonio to watch Thomas run in his very first half marathon. He did AWESOME!!! He ran it in 2 hrs and didn't stop once. You have never seen four prouder people then Slade, Mom, Dad and I standing at the finish line. We grabbed know to replace all those calories we burned while spectating..and then began our LONG drawn out journey back to the Falls.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dancing Diva

So Mom and Dad's favorite new thing is to have "dance parties" with me. Yeah, I know..they can't get enough. So here is a short video that Mom got of me when I was showing off my mad skillz...

I will say, I do get distracted at times by whats on the table...hey, I'm one, throw me a bone....but not to worry because just about the time Mom thought she was finished filming...there I went again. I really get into it at the end when I forget people are watching.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lady Antebellum!!!

So Heather gets the award. For what you might ask? Well, for most original and FUN birthday present!! On Friday night she took me on a hot date to go see Lady Antebellum in concert! I know, I have the greatest sister-in-law ever. Lucky for us, Lady A did not disappoint...they were amazing!

We started out the evening at Mi Cocina with a Mambo Taxi and some quesadillas...pretty much the prefect dinner. The concert was at the Nokia Theatre. I have never been there, but will go again because it's really nice and doesn't feel is a little more intimate. We had awesome seats so lucky for me I could see and didn't even have to get on Heather's shoulders.
Funny thing though, for some reason I thought the person on the other side of Heather was a imagine my surprise when I think "Heather" is BELTING out EVERY word to EVERY song for the first few songs. I literally in my head was like, "Well, okay Heather..look at you!" I thought either she must have printed out the words and reviewed or she has listened to every song on repeat for the last month. I finally look over expecting to find eyes closed and hands clasp over her heart belting away... and find Heather looking at me while drinking a sip of wine. It took my brain a second to compute that I could still hear her "singing" but she couldn't be because she had just taken a sip or she was the world's greatest ventriloquist. I look around her to see the GIRL next to her in the previously described state...eyes closed, belting her little heart out. I busted out laughing and told Heather I thought it was her singing the last few songs. She looked at me like I grew three heads and said, "ummm, no."

All in all it was a great evening at a perfect birthday present!!

All I wanna Do...

It's me Knox, but you can call me Don Henley because All I Wanna Do is Dance, Dance Dance!! It's my new thing and honestly, I've got some pretty sick moves. Mom and Dad love it, they just turn on some tunes and watch me go. I also have learned a few other things since I have hit the ripe old age of one. I cruise around all the furniture, I love to open all the cabinets and drawers. I even LOVE to read..and when I say read, I mean crawl to Mom's bedside table and pull out all the books! Next, I crawl to Dad's side and do the same thing!! Baby Genius already reading, I know.

I got to spend half the weekend with just me and Dad. Mom was out of town Friday night so we were on our own and let me tell you, it was good times. I just love Dad, he cracks me up.