Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tennis Anyone??

So Slade walks in last week and informs me he is going to busy this weekend playing in a tennis tournament....What? So this might not be such an odd occurrence for some but since Slade has NEVER played tennis, it took me back a little. Well, we spent the afternoon at the courts and Knox was very proud to see his daddy in action! They actually won 2 of 3 matches!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The end of tummy time...and 3 mos!

Knox has had it with being on his tummy so he decided to teach himself to roll over! I put him on his tummy the other day and when I returned he was on his its a regular occurrence! Knox is also a little over three months now and is growing boy!!!! I can't believe he is getting so big.

Such a big boy!

Mom just messing around

So handsome...but getting a little snug!

love the view from my bumbo favorite babysitter




bit of a crash landing but I did it!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

First Battle Wound....

.....courtesy of Mom! Yep, poor little Knox has had his first of what I am sure will be many boo boos. I was trying to clip his little fingernails yesterday and when I pressed down he moved and I accidently took off a little bit of the top of his thumb. I felt pretty horrible. It didn't stop bleeding for like 45 MINUTES! We had blood all over me, Slade, Knox, our clothes and everything! Knox at one point had gotten some on his face so it looked like he had war paint on..pretty much par for the course I guess. :) Poor little guy only squealed for about a minute and then was just his charming little self, smiling and cooing. The more he smiled, the worse I felt.

So Slade and I pulled a MacGyver and with a cotton ball and band-aid we finally got it stopped! Here is his pic..check out the thumb. Once we got it on he looked at it and then stuck it in his mouth..decided it didn't taste to good and then that was the end of it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Mayor of Berkley Street...

We had a sad end to 2009 and I feel I must pay tribute. On Christmas Eve we lost our beloved family dog, Chico. Chico was 15 years old and was a staple on Berkley Street. I got to find out on Christmas morning that he had gone to doggie heaven...Merry Friggin Christmas! I do, however, find it endearing that our neighbors were almost as distraught as we were.  We referred to him as the Mayor of Berkley St. because he had no problem going into to other people's homes, birthday parties, backyard BBQ's ect. or walking down to the end of the block to see his BFF Maggie. Chico loved cheese, treats and socializing and felt no shame in barking on neighbors front porches until any of the above were provided. He was an Amazing friend and source of companionship to our family and he will be greatly missed....Especially by his little sister, Emma.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

2010 is here and I for one can't believe it! We had a great 2009 with the addition of Knox but I know 2010 is going to be so much better! Slade and I had an action packed NYE...We had takeout Olive Garden and Slade got a blizzard from Dairy Queen, my how things change with a bambino. Last year we were at a fabulous party in Pebble Beach and this year DQ on Kemp...Wow! However, we did get a wonderful mini-vacay to Palm Springs/ LA for the Rose Bowl. Bless those Longhorns for getting into the Rose Bowl so I get to go to California! It was a blast and the Spa days with mom were MUCH NEEDED! I missed the Knoxter like crazy but he was snug as a bug in freezing Hereford! He had so much fun with Sharon and Steve and Slade and I so appreciated them giving us a little break.

We went to the Dr. right before we left and Knox was weighing in at an impressive 12lbs and 24inches! Growing Boy! I figure at this pace he will have a beard by next week!

Knox left me with an adorable pic to take with me to CA!

At the Rose Bowl!

Thomas had his game face on!

Ready to go into the game

Thomas had a hard time containing his excitement

GREAT seats....thanks Dad!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Knox had his first set of shots on Wed and even though he was a big boy....he did not like it too much!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow....

For the first time in as long as I can remember the Falls had a white Christmas! I wanted a little snow for Knox's first Christmas but Santa went a little overboard and we got almost a foot! It was so much fun! Uncle Thomas had to be our personal driver for a few days since the car was snowed in but we had so much fun being with everyone and LOVED playing in the snow. Knox was thrilled to finally meet his cousins Gracie and Caroline. The boys plus Andrew and Brendan built a snow blob/slide in our front yard. It started out as me telling them they should build the biggest snowman ever and then it evolved into a huge slide that looked kind of like a dragon or Loch Ness Monster. It was pretty classy let me tell you, we had the pool raft out in front to slide on and since we don't exactly have the tools for "snow molding" we used a pooper scooper to make the steps along with small shovels and dust pans. At one point Dad tied a rope to one of the pool floats and was pulling Gracie around the front yard. Seriously, we make the Grizwalds look as sophisticated as the royal family.

Christmas was a whirlwind...we started out Christmas Eve at Nonnie's annual party and then Christmas Day was a marathon. We started at Mom and Dad's then headed to Nonnies for presents and lunch then went over to Gangan's for presents and dinner....lets just say we were good and full by the end of the day!

My parents house after the snow

the street looked beautiful!

The snow gave Brook Hollow quite the face lift :)

poor Emma was so over it after about 5 minutes...

Uncle Slade and all the cousins...Knox was so happy!

he's not to sure about all these girls.....

Gracie giving me a lesson on how to burp a baby

Dad, Bebe and Gracie all with their babies

Bebe with Knox and Gracie wanted her to hold her baby as well

not to sure about the snow at first

Cute little Hudson playing piano with Howard at Nonnies' Christmas Eve Party

Gracie's pre-game meal before Christmas morning festivities

all the goodies at Mom and Dad's house

Sweet Caroline is ready for Christmas

Gracie is shocked at all Santa brought!

The Knoxter isn't quite awake yet...

now he's ready for Christmas!

Mommy and Knox

all the stockings at Nonnies

Slade and Bets under the tree getting presents

7 great grandchildren under 2....their stockings/presents

dad and the grandbabies

Gracie, Bebe and Knox at Gan's house

Uncle Slade is so funny

Sweet boy was worn out!!!


Bebe and Gracie in the snow

Slade was worn out after "building" for over 4 hrs

pool noodle sculpture in the yard....classy

Gracie and her ghetto sled

she loves it!

until she got bucked off

please note the "snow steps" as well as the shelf for beer

yes, that is a pool float we are using....

finished product....4 hrs and who knows how much beer later.