Saturday, October 31, 2009

Its a BOY! Knox Thomas Hodges is here!

Knox Thomas Hodges arrived last Sat October 24th at 11:14 pm after a VERY LONG labor. I developed high blood pressure so Mandy decided it was best for me and baby to go ahead and deliver. I got induced on Fri at 10 pm and Knox arrived Sat at 11:14 pm. Since my epidural wore off and he was pretty much a "natural" delivery....let's just say labor was not quite what I expected!! I was pretty much convinced he would be our only child but have since re-considered. He was quite a surprise for mom and dad since we weren't expecting him for another 4 weeks. We got to leave the hospital on Tues and the first week has been quite the adjustment and I never knew I could be this tired but we are so in love! Here are some pics of Knox's first week. Naturally, my camera battery ran out last week and I lost my charger so I was headed to get one this weekend but Knox had other plans...that's why we don't have a ton of great pics. We are so glad Aunt Heather had her camera and dad used his phone to take lots of pics. I promise to get more stuff on here after I get a little rest! Mom spent the first two nights with us and then had to leave town for Caroline's birth so Sharon and Heather came from Thurs to Sun and Knox, Slade and I are sooooo thankful for all their help. Steve-O, Cody and Christy showed up to visit again on Sat. so Knox has had a busy first week! Knox is a good little baby and Slade and I just stare at him and can't believe we are so blessed....he is perfect!!

The family played scrabble to pass the time since labor was taking sooooooo long!


         Slade was so happy to announce the arrival of his new baby boy!

Mom and I were worn out after my arrival!

 Proud Grandparents...Knox looks a little shocked that these people are his family

    I really like to stretch since I was soo squished in mom's belly!

The first week has been a little crazy and we are worn out!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So I have been horrible about blogging lately because well, I didn't have a whole lot to say! But we went to the Dr. last week and last Tues baby H weighed 5lbs 4oz and is measuring about 2 weeks ahead. Supposedly they gain 1/2 lb every week, so if I go full term they projected an 8 to 9 lb baby. That's just lovely. Baby and I are already fighting over space, them to move and me to breathe or just have room for basic things like my organs. Plus baby is REALLY low and no lie, there are times I am afraid it might just fall out.

Slade and I could not be more excited, however, we differ when it comes to the sex of the baby. So I decided to post what we think (along with some others) that way when I am right he can't go back and say "that's what I said!" Some people have asked me if I secretly found out and just didn't tell no. First off, that would just be wrong to do to my husband and PLEASE, do you think I could have held it in this long!?! Mine is just what my motherly instincts tell me and if I am totally wrong well then, I'll have to worry about those instincts later. I have randomly asked a few people what they think and if they are right they will win...nothing! Babies are expensive! So feel free to post in the comment section what your predictions of our little nuggets' sex, weight and birthday! I don't know how realistic my date and weight will be because honestly a lot of it is my wishful thinking. Yes, Mandy is on here and yes, she is my doctor but she hasn't seen me in a "professional capasity" in a while bc she was busy giving birth to little Asher. So her guess is not based on any "insider info."

Slade:          Girl,      8lb 3oz,       November 4
Me:             BOY,   7lbs 11oz,    October 24
Cody:          Boy,     7lbs 5oz,      November 3
Christy:       Girl,      8lbs 7oz,      October 22
Heather:      Boy,     8lbs 3oz,      October 28
Mandy:       Boy,     7lbs 12oz,    October 27
Gan:           Boy,      7lbs 9oz,     October 21
Sharon:       Girl,   7lbs 13 1/2 oz November 1
Steve:         Boy,    8lbs 5oz         October 27
Thomas:     Boy     7lb  8oz          November 8