Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

It's me Knox. I know, it's been quite a while since I have updated but the honest truth is I have been busy...and by busy, I mean BUSY! I have been swimming, going to school, playing with my friends, hanging out with Gan, singing, and reading (over and over) my favorite book about Melmo! (Elmo)

More on all that later...this blog post is because Mom told me yesterday was Daddy Day! What, I say?  I have to blog on this! I'm sorry but a mere Facebook status update will not do..I need paragraphs! I know I'm a day late, but throw me a bone, I'm one! See here's the deal, you may know my Bestest Friend in the Whole may even be related to him, but I'm the only one who gets to call him Dada. Matter O fact, that's my favorite word. I say it ALL the time! So a whole day to celebrate him...think that's a fabulous idea!

Dada and I had the greatest Fathers Day ever. Mom was out of town on Sat. so we hung out ALL DAY LONG. I was in hog heaven. I mean seriously, when do I get him all to myself for a whole day. He took me to the golf course (which I LOVE) we ate lunch, both took an afternoon siesta, went to the grocery store then cooked dinner together. Dad made me these amazing things that mother has yet to serve me called hotdogs!! We also worked on our very serious project of lawn maintenance. What can I say, it's a two man job. Dad pulls out the hose and I stand there and water...then he picks me up (while I hold the hose) and moves me to another spot to get that area as well. Honestly, I'm not sure he could do it without me.

My dad rocks my socks off. Does your Dad let you drive around town in just a diaper and converse? Mine does! Does your dad also give you real life mini golf clubs? Mine does! Mom is not too fired up about me having a stick of metal to swing around but whatever!  Seriously, the man is amazing. He's stronger than anybody, he can throw me and mom, actually up in the air really high. He's not afraid of anything...he always picks me up when scary dogs or people come and I'm safe. He wasn't even afraid of the mushroom waterfall at the pool. He's the only one I have let take me underneath. He's totally got my back, my dad.

So today (err..yesterday) I celebrate MY HERO...MY DADDY!
I swear I think I even saw a cape once under his clothes. 

 "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased." Matthew 3:17

it was love from the start....

we are pretty the bone

my first shower...slightly terrified

Dad played college he's really tough
I'm trying to be a "tough football"

always Dad

this guy...

best friends


the watering of the lawn....serious stuff

Pretty much this photo wraps up how I feel about my Dad

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Skeerdians Reunite!

What a crazy weekend! This little mamma is officially exhausted! All of the Aint Skeerdians (my childhood girlfriends ...we named our "gang"'s ridiculous yet fitting) came in town to celebrate marriage and babies.

It started Wed with Amy Jo getting in town. Since she is a chef of a yacht we don't get to see her all that often, so it was a highly anticipated arrival. Thursday night we go out for a girls dinner and Sarah and Barry get in town. We haven't gotten to all be together since February when we all traveled to Austin because Barry was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was having surgery. So them coming in town was not only great because we hadn't seen them but also such an amazing blessing because he is totally fine! A medical marvel, if you will. He is one tough cookie...had his scull cracked open a few short months ago and you wouldn't even know it by looking at him. I was especially thrilled because they stayed with us so I got lots of time with them!

Friday we woke up and it took Knox about 10 minutes to warm up to our  house guest....that's pretty quick for him. After that he decided he and Barry were going to be best friends. Poor Barry had a 20 month old following him around all weekend. Sarah had to help Adele with the baby shower so he was a great sport to go to the grocery store with Knox and I, and basically live a "day in the life" of Linds. Super exhilarating, I know.

Friday night we had everyone over for dinner and Knox was beyond thrilled to have all these people over to play!! Uncle Thomas came in town so that made it even better.

Saturday we had a baby shower for Mary and Mary Alice. Funny thing, they are due a month apart and they were born on the same day 28 yrs ago. It was fun to see them and their super cute baby bumps.

Saturday night was a shower for Adele and John who are getting married Oct. 1. It started out as a totally normal shower. However, with this crew...things can go array very quickly. We wanted to stand on a ledge in the pool to have a pretty background for our group photo....essentially, not the greatest of ideas.

Most of us all have known each other since Kindergarden..the rest not long after. We have also known John Barnard since kindergarden so it wasn't shocking that as we are standing with our best pic poses, he cannon ball's (fully clothed) in the pool directly in front of us to drench us. Some things SERIOUSLY never change.

I took this as a much needed opening to spice this party up a little bit. I was already soaked so I chose Julie as my target because I knew she was the least likely to be mad at me. It took all my strength and own body momentum to pull her in the pool but I did it! I may be small but I'm scrappy.

Next, Adele pushed Amy in and then totally pulled the "it's my shower and my future in-laws are here" card to avoid retaliation....or so she thought.

The three of us then just got out and basically manhandled the others into the pool. Some took it better than others...however, I think they secretly wanted us to because it was hot outside and we were having lots of fun. The husbands were NO help...they didn't want any part of probably.

We all get out of the pool and are sitting in towels at the table when Adele finally ventures outside. Big mistake, huge! Amy hides behind a shrub and like a little dark ninja, she comes out of the darkness in a flash and full on form tackles Adele (and herself) into the pool. Seriously, football coaches everywhere would have been was a solid hit for negative yardage. Naturally we all jump back in, because..why not?

I know I started it, so I may be delusional or it speaks to my immaturity, but I think it totally took the party to a whole new level o' fun!

It was a crazy good time, but these antics wore this young old person out!

Sarah Lu and I headed to shower

Sarah, Amy and I

Merril, Sarah, Amy and I

the girls

Thank you Johnny B for soaking I think Julie needs to go in...

I'm goin for it...please note my other loser friends NOT helping!

she's totally not mad at me!

so in theory this was a great idea...but now I am wet, at a party with "real adults" in a dress not made to be swimwear....bummer

Adele after Amy got to her


playing in the fountain...

our greatest picture to date....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Lake!

This weekend a whole new generation of "lake rats" was born. We went down to Possum Kingdom with Tyler, Katie, Gracie and Caroline...Uncle Thomas...Andrew and Kayci Bell and Aunt Heather. It makes my heart so happy for Knox to get to grow going to the lake because my all time favorite memories of childhood are being at the lake with all of my cousins.

There were not 9 cousins who had more fun than the "Bolin grandkids" ...if it was totally insane, yet super fun, we tried it! We all learned to ski with two skis, slalom, tube, wakeboard, surf and anything else Uncle Paul threw at us. We would all bunk in the same room at night where Aunt Ann would tell us stories about Tilly the mouse, only to be awoken at the crack of dawn by uncle Paul for "serious skiers" who wanted to go skiing when the lake was like glass.

Today as Gracie was "skiing" on her Easy Skier (we did not have anything that fancy when we were little) and as Tyler is driving the boat, Thomas is sitting on the back holding the rope teaching her hand signals,  I am cheering her on and Uncle Slade is on the dock ready to dive in and get her to swim totally took me back to 23 yrs ago....

 I vividly remember being in the lake with a life jacket up past my ears with two ski's that someone had tied together. My dad was in the water with me, teaching me to keep my knees up to my shoulders and in a ball until the boat pulled me up, Uncle Bob was in the back of the boat to make sure I got up relay hand signals and Uncle Paul was driving. Mom, Libby, Ann, Nonnie, Da and the cousins were all on the dock watching and cheering us on. I remember FINALLY getting up and the elation of, "I'm doing it!!" Uncle Paul sounded the horn that was to the tune of  The Eyes Of Texas and I was skiing! It lasted about 3 minutes until I hit some wake and toppled over.

Fast Forward 23 yrs and you have me yesterday behind the cruiser learning to surf with Thomas now driving, Tyler with the rope, Andrew giving instruction and Gracie, Caroline, Slade, Heather, Kayci and Knox cheering me on. Somethings never change....

I can't wait for Knox to have these experiences. To be worn out a dinner because he has been in the sun all day, swimming, laughing, skiing, and just being a kid.

He wore a life jacket for the first time and now at home won't take it off (he's a weirdo) he got in the lake the first time with Aunt Katie who spun him around like a motor boat. He watched Caroline do it a few times so decided to let her take him, but still wasn't too sure about all this.  He then swam with Mommy and Caroline. He LOVES the cruiser and was transfixed the whole time we were on it. He would point at all the boats and say "boat!..bye bye boat!" when they would go by. He was not too sure what Mommy was doing when I was surfing behind the boat but he quickly became my biggest cheerleader. Give him a few more lake weekends and he will be an old pro.

My favorite moment was last night when Gracie was showing us all how she was skiing with her little legs bent and holding a pretend rope and she looks up with a huge smile on her face and says, "Guys, did you see me... I was AMAZING!"

To also give her "props" she did jump off the high dive and she is only 3....the kid has no fear.

laid back surfer look

now he's ready

"Now, Dad, are you sure about this?"

With Daddy and Aunt Heather

Meeting of the minds..

Gracie is ready to go!

so is Uncle Thomas

Gracie and her Daddy

Sweet Caroline

ready for action

enthralled with the boats

"Uhhh. Mom...I think we have a better backdrop over there"

"much better"


Gracie on the Easy Ski

look at her go!

she's amazing!

"ok, so I get that it's easier for me to swim in...but I look like a fruit loop."

babies in a pool..

" is it you are in yellow and I am stuck with purple?"

"I get that I am "safe" from drowning and "safe" from the sun...but really?"

New swim outfit with built in floats...

cousins hugging it out

they love each other

" I'm kinda over sharing my chair..."

"Seriously woman...scoot over!"

again with the hugs

Gracie wants to hold Knox

Aunt Heather is hogging him

love this..

Caroline is about over these people


showing a little leg

"check this thing talks!!"

Knox and Aunt Heather