Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My BIG Day!

It's me, Knox and today I had a Big day! It was the greatest!!! I started out playing with Baily and Molly and we got to paint turkeys at their house. We also played in their new playroom and ran around the back yard. They are so silly and I love them. So fun.

We went to lunch then I had to go down for a nap because I was REALLY excited about my afternoon date and Mom said I had to nap first.
 LoLo (Lauren) was taking me to see a FIRE TRUCK!!!!  In an unexpected and exceptional twist, Lindsey joined us as well!! I got both Scholl sisters AND a fire station. Pay-dirt. LoLo and Linny's dad is a fireman and he showed us the ropes...literally...and the hoses.  I mean...I miiiight have been a little intimidated by the fire trucks AT FIRST... throw me a bone most fire trucks I see are kid sized. Actually, I wasn't really scared at all, I just thought the girls might be so I hung back a little...for them.. in case they wanted my mom to protect them as well. This amazing day was followed up by dinner with Lindsey and Tonto (Cuatro) and a little bath time face-time with Dodo and Christy... so needless to say I was spent!

LoLo put on the fire pants and I put on my hat! 

Are you sure about this LoLo?

 looking at the pics I took of LoLo in my hat.


kids, don't try this at home