Thursday, November 15, 2012

Detox Bath

So... according to Pinterest if I took this "detox bath" it would make me feel like a million bucks, cure all my ailments, and give me enough energy to run a marathon...I'm have an infant so I figured why the heck no. I don't know exactly what I thought it would do but leave me smelling like salad dressing was NOT it....easy on the Ginger and Vinegar, Pinterest!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Knox had his first trip to the dentist last week and naturally he did great! We went to Alisa and he kept asking, "where is Hutch's mom? Where is Alisa? She want to see my teeth?" He sat still and LOVED everything about it.. Especially the toothpaste. Pretty sure he was sucking it off her brush as fast as she applied it. He was great to sit there and talk to the hygienist while Mom got her teeth cleaned as well. Since we've been home he brushes his teeth about 7 times a day.... There is toothpaste everywhere ;)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Rolled over!

Briggs rolled over today! Put him on the bed for tummy time and when I looked back over he was on his back! I think that's very advanced for 2 months! At the dr his stats were 12lbs 11 oz and 23.5 inches long! 80% for height and weight!

2 months old!

Briggs was two months old... On the 21st (little late getting pics up 😉) He, like his brother, loves the camera!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It's me Briggs and you may be wondering why I am in the bath (sink) at 10AM? Well let me tell you. 

Mom has been handling this two kids thing pretty well and honestly I figured BORING.. let's mix things up a bit. Apparently I have some tummy issues so now I am on my third different formula. This kind is super fancy. Mom and Dad have to get it from the pharmacy. Is regular, good ole' "over the counter" formula good enough for me..nope! It's also really expensive so that MUST mean it's super fancy. 

So we started the new formula last night and honestly it may be fancy but it does not taste or SMELL very I spit it up a lot. It has made things a lot "smoother" coming out on the south end and its a fancy neon yellow color! So fun! So now that things are easier I like to poo A LOT. 

This morning my tummy was still adjusting so I woke up early to let everyone know. Mom fed me and I had a super colorful diaper for her! When she was burping me I threw up on her a little but I didn't want to tell her cause she was in a hurry to get Knox to school. So she might have taken Knox into school with throw up on her shoulder and she might not have realized it until later. She also might not have realized that when she was washing her face this morning, I started spitting up after she only got her eye makeup off of one eye. So she might have forgotten to do the other one and she might have gone into Knox's school looking like a black eyed pea. Ha! That one still makes me chuckle..maybe they will thinks she was just practicing for Halloween.

When we got home I decided to spice it up. Here is my current tally...
Pee'd on Mom 4x
Poo'd on Mom 3x
Spit on on Mom (can't count that high yet)
I have been through SIX outfits and it's not even noon
2 different nap nanny covers
3 changing table covers

 Mom finally gets me down and while she runs to the restroom for the first time today, she hears me and oops I threw up..again. This time I made SURE to hit any and every thing in a foot radius. I even got it in my hair. 

I then throw up on her again on the way to the bath. She strips me down (and herself) and sticks me in the sink. So there we chillin, sucking my thumb, enjoying the good life while Mom washes me off (pretty sure she might be cold since she's only got undergarments on.) 

When she was getting me out, I was just so relaxed that when the cold air hit me...well, to put it frankly, it scared the poo out of me....and....maybe all over Mom. I don't mean to throw anyone under the bus here, but someone might have said a bad word at this point. Only one of us can actually speak so, you do the math. Actually, she may have just been saying what she saw...literally.

I, for one, am exhausted. I'm a little worried that if I doze off, when I wake Mom is going to be sprawled out on the floor, covered in puke, pee and doodie in only her bra and panties simultaneously drinking wine and vodka out of the bottle. Needless to say, sister had a rough morning.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Lately we have been working on "patience" and "obeying" with Knox. Those are our "buzz words" for the past few weeks if you will. Yesterday, Briggs starts crying while I am washing some dishes so I ask Knox to give him his pacifier. This is what I hear from the other room....

"Briggs, where's your paci?"
"well Briggs, if you aren't going to tell me where your paci is, then you are going to have to have a little patience!"

at least he's getting the concept!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

First day of school!

Knox had his first day of school last week. He has moved up to Mrs. Margaret's class and he LOVES her. He also loves her assistant Ms. Rebecca. We are sad because Ben, Charlotte and Henry won't be in  his class this fall but he is thrilled that Maycee will still be with him....

Ready to go...he LOVED his new lunch box...Ha! Easy to please!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baby Bubbles is here!

Briggs Bolin Hodges was born last Tuesday at 1:30 am. He was 5 weeks early but weighed 7lbs 4 oz and was 20 in long! So needless to say he really was a baby giant!

The day started out with me feeling pretty ugh and so Knox went over to play with Gan. I stopped by my parents and while talking to them in the kitchen felt like I may have tinkled myself. Turns out it was not tickle and I was leaking amniotic fluid. I wasn't as freaked out as I would have been, him being 35 weeks, but I knew he was already weighing 7lbs. I headed to Mandy's office to check out the situation and sure enough she told me to go to the hospital because we were having a baby that day.

My husband did not take this news as smoothly as some might expect. Cool, Calm and Collected...umm not so much. He was running around like a crazy person...I think he changed shirts 3 times, didn't remember to bring anything he might need to the hospital and got in to the car to go to the hospital with NO SHIRT ON. Ummm, Slade...pretty sure it may be a "No Shoes, No Shirt- No Service" type of deal...

Thankfully, my epidural worked this time so labor was MUCH different and MUCH better! Knox got to come to the hospital and Slade ordered him some little scrubs that has his name on them so he was, "Dr. Knox" and would only answer as such. As you can imagine after being there almost a week, "Dr. Knox" had quite the fan club. He kept telling me, "Mom I textin Mandy." I would ask him why and his response, "well we both are Doctors..we both have skubs" (Scrubs)

He was also thrilled because Bebe & Grandad, Bob, Dodo & Dede, Heather, Thomas, and Gan were all up at the hospital so it was pretty much like a party for Knox.

Briggs had to stay in the NICU for a few days to develop his little lungs and basically just cook a little longer...but he got to bust out on Friday and come home! We are already SO in love with him and Knox is beyond thrilled to have a little brother...he loves patting him and telling him he loves him. It's really sweet.

Snapped a quick pic to show how HUGE I was before we left for the hospital.

lets do this!

Dr. Knox is SO excited!

a little nervous about all that's going on

so happy to be a big brother!

My first time to hold Baby Briggs

Daddy gets to hold Briggs

loving on my little man

Briggs already loves Grandad

baby Briggs first picture with no feeding tube or CPAP

in his little incubator in the NICU

Knox checking in on his brother

wanted to "pat" him

loved his "Big Brother" button he got

making sure everything looks right

he's already so in love!

holding hands

We got to bring him to our room for a visit!

Knox was thrilled

first pic as a family of four mean I'm stuck with these people?

loving on my first born

Grandad was pooped...Knox was faking

Bob and Briggs...Knox had already lost interest

Well...maybe not

first brothers pic...Neither looks too sure about this

it's love

Grandmothers and the boys....Bob, Knox, Bebe and Briggs

Gan and her new bff

daddy loving on baby briggs

Baby Briggs and Daddy

Daddy and his boys!

Headed Home!