Friday, July 30, 2010

When it rains....

It pours! Or at least for me this week has. IT. HAS. NOT. BEEN. MY. WEEK. to say the least. (refer to previous post "I'm on a roll").  I went to sonic for an iced tea pulled in the drive up....
                                                                               looking like THIS:
(not my actual car..just an example so you can see)

                                                                                  and left looking like THIS.

Yep, some guy in line in front of me decided that he should put his truck in REVERSE instead of drive. When he did, his massive trailer hitch "hitched" itself to my bumper. When he went forward, so did my bumper.  Awesome. Needless to say, I was not thrilled. He has insurance so hopefully it will all get worked out in a peaceful manner.

I realize that in the grand scheme, it's not the end of the world. It's just a car. I am very blessed and have a healthy family, amazing baby, and all the things that are important. But I did have to ask God, that why I realize all of that, it would be super cool if maybe he could throw me a bone and lay off the ridiculous shenanigans.

 I mean really? Who gets schnicked on by a bird while walking, has their shoes eaten by a crazy Pomeranian, buys skincare only to find that it brakes them out (and kinda burns) AND has the front of their car torn off in the same week? ME!

Fun with the Flip....

Tonight we did a little videoing of our little love bug. I will say, I know he's mine, but this kid has the greatest laugh I have ever heard. It just makes me laugh every time he does. The first video is of me singing... him dancing. Disclaimers: I just came back in from running so that is why I am all sweaty and looking smokin' hot..pun intended. Also, I know you are going to be super impressed by my glorious vocal ability but it's hard to sing when you are laughing so hard....just FYI. Also, while I was facilitating his superb dance moves... for some reason.. I randomly chose "Play that Funky Music (White Boy)" as a song to sing to him. I have no earthly idea why this ridiculous song popped into my head as I don't really even like it AND I'm not sure it's even appropriate for children, especially, with the racial slur and all. Alas, it did pop into my noggin and Knox LOVED it. Seriously, I could sing anything else but as soon as I started that one he bust out laughing. Weird kid. So I tell Slade to run go get my phone .... and sho'nuff, the second time he thought it was just as funny...well, until Slade turned off the lamp which distracted him. He thought the light was in Knox's eye or something...and we wonder why he is becoming a weenie?

The second part is when my dad came over. As you can see by the video, Knox IS ALL ABOUT him some Grandad...Pretty sure it's mutual.. "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!" Plus, Dad has so much energy it was hard for the videographer (your's truly) to keep up. Plus, it's a little shaky at some points cause I was laughing. I LOVE how Knox looks up at me every few minutes to make sure I am still filming...lil diva. Also, my favorite part is towards the end where they make him hit the ball and he fakes them out like he is going to cry then looks up to make sure he is still on camera and starts laughing...either: he is trying to be macho and not cry in front of the camera or a genuis actor at an early age . I vote the latter.

It's kinda lengthy but I promise it will make you laugh...and if it doesn't then well, I don't know what to tell ya!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm on a roll.....

In the last 24 hrs I have: gotten a "surprise" from Knox's diaper on my hand, had watermelon juice spilled on me (by Knox), had a 32oz iced tea poured all over me and into my new running shoes (after he pulled off the top and promptly dropped my keys in) had Nonnie's dog Spunky eat my shoe, been pee'd on, had smushed banana rubbed all over my wedding ring and hands,  and to top it all off...when I was walking I got poo'd on by a bird. Yep, in the hair, down the face and on the shirt........awesome!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

9 Months!

It's me Knox. A few days ago I turned 9 months old! I went to the Dr. today for my checkup and I have lost a I am down to a slim 21lbs and 29 inches tall. I am in the 70% for weight and the 95% for height....guess I got that from Mom Dad. Lets see...what am I up to at 9 months?? Well I'll tell ya...

  • I talk/sing ALL the time
  •  full out wiggle worm
  • I just about have a 2 inch vertical in my jumper
  • ALMOST crawling
  • working on 2 teeth
  • I like to stand whenever I can
  • I love Cheerios
  • I have started to be a little more selective about who I let hold me. I mean safety first, you can't just let anyone pick you up!
  • Have gotten into Dora and Wonder Pets
  • LOVE my stuffed pug, Barney....has to be in the crib to sleep
  • Working on Baby sign language..
  • In a size 3 diaper
  • Wear 9-12 month clothes
  • Love to be outside
  • I really like other babies and I am the best people watcher...I will mean mug somebody!
  • I got to bed around 7:30- 8 ish and sleep till 8:00.
  • My new favorite toy, much to Mom's chagrin is her iPhone!

I have started eating some table food...Mom is pretty strict about what I eat cause she says I am big enough and if I get fat, she is gonna have to get a wheelbarrow to cart me around.  I also don't always like to swallow my food...I just let her pile a bunch of stuff in there BUT I will act like I am chewing so that she keeps giving me like a charm...well, until I choke then that's not super fun for anyone.
I also won't feed myself...nope not gonna do it..and trust me, Mom has tried to get me to! But why would I? She feeds me so well! I will eat out of her hand and will pick up the food but won't put it in my mouth. Take tonight for instance, Mom gave me a banana. I loved it when I ate it out of her hand and then she put it on the tray.. it went downhill for her from there. I LOVED mashing all the banana on the tray and squishing it in my hands. Next, I made a super cool pile of banana mush. Yippee! So, Mom has this real cool shiny, sparkly ring on her left hand and to make it prettier...I smashed mushed up Banana ALL over looked SOOO pretty! She was thrilled.

My hair...ohhhh my hair! So I rocked the mohawk for a while and the ladies loved it...BUT now that my hair has started to grow out, it is losing a little of it's luster. So I look a little like The Donald with a bad comb over....I know, gotta work on this.

Also, at 9 months I am really into my great-grandmothers. I got to see Meme (Slade's grandmother) when I was in Hereford. I get to see Gan all the time....we are the best of buddies and I love going over to Nonnie's and we just talk and talk and talk. I also really like playing with her dog, Spunky. He's crazy but I like him.

I have decided that I love Apples...but they don't look like the red apples you eat. They are on Mom's toys!!  I love all of her toys but let's face it, Mom is NOT good at sharing with me! She has the coolest stuff...a thing that she points at the TV and it changes the channel, a silver book with a big apple on it and a super bright screen, keys that make lots of noise and her phone...ohhhh how I love her phone. Since I was so into Moms toys she tried to help me out. She got me a phone, keys and a laptop of my own. But here's the deal. My "laptop" is faulty. It doesn't have an apple, it's not silver, and it doesn't surf the web! It's squishy, made of primary colors and has a mirror where the big screen should be. Plus, when I hit those buttons... they don't make the fun clicking sounds... they tell me the colors in English AND Spanish! My keys also are not up to par...they are not silver like Moms and they don't make as much noise..again she went with the primary colors and they are huge. I mean please, Mom, people do not have locks for keys that big..they are totally pointless. But the worst is the "phone" is a joke. It just plays a song, that's about it and apple...but Mom's is AMAZING. It lights up...sometimes the little squares jiggle when I push down on it to long, it plays my music and I can watch Dora on it. Basically, it's everything I need in a tiny little square. Plus, it actually calls Dad. I like to talk to him on speaker phone.
Basically at 9 months, I am turning into a little longer a bambino.

hangin out

Aunt Heather did my hair

Super excited to be with Non

Ready for my 9 month checkup

Hey girl! Whats up!

Ready for my checkup!

Got Mom's keys and No, I won't be returning them.

Dad and I doing pushups 

Couple things wrong with this:
A: Do they know it's purple?
B: How the hell am I supposed to swim in this?
C: I think the floaties make my thighs look fat.

Such a happy baby

Rockin my mohawk

Monday, July 26, 2010

San Antonio

This past weekend, Knox was still in Hereford with the grandparents and Slade and I headed to San Antonio for a wedding. We got the pleasure of riding down with Adam and Lisa on their 5 yr anniversary..I know they couldn't think of a greater way to spend it than 6 hrs in the car with us! It was a great weekend and so fun to get away and be adults. Our friend King got married at the Hyatt Hill Country in SA. His new wife Ana Lucia is from Mexico so the combo of American/Mexican people, traditions, alcohol tolerance and stamina made for an interesting, yet amazing weekend. The Scovell's know how to throw a party and the De la Garza's know how to party.
The wedding started at 7:00 but we had to be down to get on the busses at 5:45. Then we go to the wedding and get back to the hotel for cocktail hr around 8:15. We go into the reception at 9:00 and then dinner is served at 10:00. The band started around 11 ish...yep, it was a LONG evening! Our party of 4 lasted until about 2:30 and were some of the first to leave. I thought I was doing GREAT lasting that long! {we all do have babies and you just can't put a price on a good night sleep} The party went on until 8am. Yes, you read that correctly. I heard the band quit somewhere around 3ish but the party moved to a different part of the hotel.
The band was great, so we had so much fun dancing and they did something I hadn't seen before..the band threw out different "props" every couple of songs....So fun. Also explains some of the pics :)

On Sat. Thomas came over and spent the day with us and we were SO glad to see him. We hadn't seen him in a few months so it was great to catch up, have lunch, float the lazy river and hang by the pool.

Meanwhile, Knoxie-poo was in Hereford with his Grandparents and Heather being spoiled rotten. He had so much fun with them and now is a little confused why he doesn't have my attention 24/7...poor kid.

Hangin at the pool

ever popular foot shot

Thomas and Slade


Adam and Slade

Adam and Lisa.. 5 yrs of marital bliss

It's us again...

still us...

as the evening went on....LOVE the girl in the background

super cool glasses

Trying to get Slade to "model pose/ prune" .... needs work

Little Bo-Peep and her Dancing Amish Man

Who says you can't be a retro Mexican? 

Kayne wanna-be

Slade and Dupree

see Mom, I'm getting a tooth riiight here!

Love me some Rizzle

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

miss my little buddy already...

I can't seem to make up my mind...I find myself reminiscing of the days of old when I didn't have the 24hr a day responsibility of a little one and yet, I dropped him off today to spend a long weekend with his grandparents and I cried for a good 20 min after I handed him over! Never one not to take advantage of emotional eating, I bought a good, big iced sugar cookie (my FAVE) at the Childress bakery. Then had my cookie, iced tea and breakdown all while driving down the highway. Super cool, I know.

Knox will be gone until Sunday and Slade and I are headed to a wedding this weekend that I know will be super fun! So I am looking forward to being adults for the weekend but I already miss my nugget!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gracie, Caroline and Knox....exciting, enchanting and exhausting!

This past Tuesday, Mom and I drove down to Ft. Worth for a Dr. appt. with Knox. We then picked up Caroline and Gracie to come stay with Bebe and Grandad for the week. So the drive home had Mom, me, Caroline, Gracie, Knox and all the baby gear in Mom's Escalade. THANK goodness she has captains chairs because someone...yup, you guessed to sit on the floor between them entertaining all three. Caroline and Knox (both almost 9 months) were in their car seats in the captains chairs and Gracie (2) was in her car seat in the back. Linds (27) was squished between all three...yippee!

We started out great but then quickly it all went downhill...Knox and Caroline were both hungry so once she started screaming, Knox decided it must be the cool thing to do so he chimed in. Then we have Gracie in the backseat trying to yell over them that "it's okay!"
So I treck my happy butt back there and plop in between the crying babies and have one arm feeding Knox and the other feeding Caroline. Next, Gracie decides that she's hungry too, so I have the bag of puffs in my mouth and am turning around to give her a handful. Once the babies get more settled I turn around to talk to Gracie. Seriously, she is like a mini adult. Super smart, remembers EVERYTHING and is very verbal. However, I think she just likes messing with me because she would make up bogus answers to questions that we both knew she knows the answer to. Here were a few blips of our conversation....

Me: Gracie, who are your Mommy and Daddy
Gracie: Tyler and Katie
Me: Where do you live?
Gracie: In Waco at a neighbors house, near an El Fenix!

I about lost it...I just started dying laughing...Ummm no, she lives in Dallas, in her parents house and her dad does commercial real estate for El Fenix. Tyler did tell me that they were in Waco recently heading to Houston and she was with him and he stopped to look at a location for an El Fenix. I am telling ya, she remembers everything!

Katie's brother and his wife are expecting a baby in the fall...
Me: Gracie, are you excited about your new cousin?
Gracie: Ohhh, Yes!
Me: Is Aunt A going to have a boy or a girl?
Gracie: A BOY!
Me: What's she going to name him?
Gracie: Tito!

ummm no, I did a little fact checking with Katie on this one and they are in fact having a GIRL and regardless of the sex will not be naming it Tito! I have NO idea where she got that! She told Katie that they should name a little girl China...not to self: don't let Gracie name my next child.

When we got to the Falls, Dad had her new playhouse in the yard with balloons and streamers!
Did the decorating all by himself!! She LOVED it! Slade met us at my parents house and everyone played, ate dinner and swam. The cousins all had so much fun together.

On Thurs, we headed to the CC pool with our three plus Molly, Baily, Maggie, Luke, Elizabeth, Preston and Jessie (and of course all their moms...we ain't crazy!) It was so much fun to see all the kiddos play together..and the babies stare at each other.

Knox, however, has showed a bit of a jealous side! He HATES it when my dad or Gangan holds Caroline! Little toot will fake cry or fuss until they put her down. Funny thing, he could care less if Slade or I are holding her...but NOT Grandad!!!!! Honestly, this is fine with me...she weighs about half what Knox does, so for me it's like holding air. Plus, she will cuddle a little...I love it!

Grandad took Gracie to ride horses and she got to ride a pony named Diamond! She was very excited! I told her to tell her Daddy when she gets back that she wants a pony AND diamonds!

We went over there today to say bye to the girls and take a few pics with my good camera and lets just say that I am pretty sure that after 5 days, Bebe and Grandad are EXHAUSTED!!! We have been with them a lot this week because I wanted the kids to be around each other, plus I think those girls are just the cutest, so Mom and Dad had all three of them quite a bit. Of course Super Gan came over to help too! Seriously, what would we do without her?

Caroline ready to head to the Falls

so is Knox!

The setup when we arrived home....thanks Grandad!

Knox was thrilled to see his BFF

Uncle Slade ordering from Gracie

Knox, Caroline and Gracie

So over picture time and ready to go swimming!

Mom, have you seen Caroline...she's like half my size!!

No telling what is being planned here

I wonder what she will do if I just flick her with this? (no he didn't try)

Check out my two teeth!

Whoa! Did you see that she already has teeth!?!

I am just not so sure about all these girls.....

I promise we didn't let her chew on markers the WHOLE time.

Lovin this!

Knox and his favorite babysitter of all time .....Gan!

So dad was trying to get them to look behind me by making really odd noises...hence the look of confusion

Gan and her babies....Here Knox, let me get that for ya!

Knox, did you know you have really small ears??

Thank you Caroline, that is QUITE enough! 

By day 5...Emma was tapped out!

Two peas in a pod

Mom, you saw what happened last time she was this close to my face!

My handsome boys!

Grandad...always the source of entertainment!

checking her mail

Bebe and her grandbabies.....tried to figure out how to get Gracie tall enough to be in the pic.....

Aannnnd here is how we did it! Gracie looks a little ticked because she was none to happy that her "horsey" would not go!!

Now Dad...You are sure about this??

Mom, what's your take??

Bebe and Caroline...I hope to look this good as grandmother of three

Dad, I am just not so sure about all these women!

Not too happy that Grandad sprayed me with the hose...Do you KNOW how long I worked on my hair this afternoon?!?

The MANY faces of Gracie!! 
She really got into the whole camera thing and I would throw out something and she would pose accordingly....pretty hi-larious!

Happy Gracie....

Scary Gracie

winking Gracie

serious Gracie

I told her to roar like a Lion and be scary....looks a little more seductive Gracie

Domestic Gracie

Dancing Gracie

Gardening Gracie

Seriously, how precious is this kid!?!

Aunt Lindsey interviewing Gracie......