Thursday, January 27, 2011

Graceful...not a bit.

Sometimes I amaze myself....and not in the good way. It's been a loooooong day in the Hodges household since we really haven't slept much since two nights ago. Lil Knox was up all night with a 104 fever and after a long trip to the doctor this morning that might have included me completely losing it on some awful woman in billing, thus causing my son to start screaming (that's a whole different story that doesn't need a blog post) we finally left with a diagnosis of Strep. Oh, Joy! I also don't feel so hot so I am praying it's not a dual diagnosis. But that's not why I amaze myself...

Just a few moments ago I go in because he starts crying. I give him some Tylenol because he is burning up, change his diaper and sit down to rock him. It's after I look down at him that I realize my chin has stuck to my chest with something that is sticky and smells an awful lot like grape Tylenol. How in the heck did I get sticky Tylenol on MY neck??

I rock him....FOREVER...and he finally starts breathing in rhythm, not to mention doing the little baby whistle when exhaling that lets me know his sheep are counted and he is out. Not gonna lie, I am doing a bit of a ridiculous victory dance in my head. That's when it all goes downhill.....

I start to get out of the rocker to put him in his crib. While rocking, he slid down and was kind of crumpled in my lap. I just grab what I assume to be his bum (it's dark.) When I start to stand, I realize I don't have a good hold on him. A series of very bad, not remotely graceful movements soon follow. I try to pick up my leg in order to prop him on my thigh which causes me to lose my balance completely. He starts to fall so I grab him best I can and throw my body in between him and the crib that I am crashing into (that's gonna leave a mark) bounce off my left shoulder as hard as I can (yes, I did guffaw in pain) in order to throw myself backward which sends me back towards the chair. The chair cuts me off at the knees thus throwing me into the seat. It then rocks back and slams into the wall. I sit there frozen, with my heart pounding. Graceful? No, absolutely not BUT slightly athletic! I am shocked that he doesn't pop right up and think OMG I got away with it when he slowly turns his little head towards me, opens one eye and sighs. Yep, my one year old SIGHED at me!

He is currently still awake....oops. That's what I get for doing the mental victory dance.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A New Adventure!

It's me Knox and I had a big day today...that's the great thing about being one... everything is pretty much an adventure! I discovered something that is truly magical. Mom and Grandad to me to Market Street for lunch. This is no biggie as I have been eating here since I was a wee one. What I just discovered today is this A-Mazing thing thats in the same building....a Grocery Store!! Why have I never been introduced to this glorious place?

I got a little antsy sitting in my seat so Grandad let me out, then he just let me go. I started walking and first I discovered a jungle. There were flowers, plants,  and just colors EVERYWHERE. They also have giant refrigerators with even more flowers in them! I was mystified.

Next I made my way to my new favorite part of the store. It had all these really colorful cakes and little bitty cakes on a table...but that wasn't the draw. Attached to the cake table were giant, shiny, colorful BALLOONS. I'm not going to lie, they were amazing. Floating every which way..I could barely keep up, but I tried. See, my girl Dora was on one of the balloons so I just talked and talked to her but she kept moving so I had to run around the table to keep looking at her.

Next, Grandad took me into the big part of the store. Did I let the people and checkout lines deter my navigational skills? Absolutely not! I just made my way right through the people checking out. Mom kinda freaked a bit as I sauntered behind one of the checkout ladies and through to the rest of the store.
There are TONS of things to look at! I just ran up and down the aisles and the next one was just as great as the previous one! I made bunches of new friends cause everyone wanted to talk to me. Course I obliged!

Mom was pretty great in that she just kind of let me go and explore...until the end. I saw the case with turkey in it. I love me some turkey. Behind that case there was a GIANT shiny metal thing. Some lady was sticking the turkey on it then moving it back and forth. I mean, please, I can totally do that! I decided to walk back there and try. That's when Mom grabbed me. I did my best to throw a fit and I got a good 30 seconds in before Mom just shut me down. She's not a fan of public displays of attitude.

I think I might have discovered my new favorite place...too bad Mom will probably never take me again since she is completely and utterly exhausted from chasing me around.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Matrimony in Mexico!

This past weekend Slade and I ditched the little guy and headed off to CABO! Not really, he stayed with Gan and Bebe while we did go down to Cabo for James and Madison's Wedding! It was a fun filled weekend with lots of friends and lots of sun. Cody, Christy, Thomas and Dad went down there with us so it was fun to have a large travel squad.

We get to the airport, sit down for a quick bite and the negotiations begin. I knew this was coming....this aint my first rodeo. Dad nonchalantly asks the boys if the might want to play golf in the morning. Funny thing, he acts like this is a brilliant idea that just popped into his head when in reality I know that he already has tee times booked. Again, not my first rodeo. Next come the negotiations...Dad says he will pay for Christy and I to get massages at the spa if the boys can go play golf. Have a nice time boys!

Christy and I started out day one in the spa. Not a bad way to start a vacation. Was kind of comical when they asked us if we wanted to go in the same room to get a couples massage....Yes, we have the same last name but no, we are not a couple! Sheesh!

That afternoon we spent at the beach! It was nice to just lay there, read a book and not worry about anyone other than myself! No baby to constantly watch or keep on schedule, no husband to entertain....greatness! Don't get me wrong, I love both of them tremendously, but well, a girl needs a break every now and then.

It's whale season in Cabo so every day we would see whales about half a mile-ish off shore. One day they were literally pulling a Shamu and jumping out of the water then crashing back down. It was like being at SeaWorld except way better. No freakishly deep tank, just the ocean.

Thursday night, Thomas, Slade and I went to have dinner at the One and Only Palmilla. It was absolutely amazing. It's a very "posh" (Thomas's word) hotel in Cabo and I wanted to check it out but the only way to get in the gates is if you are staying there or have a dinner reservation. We ate dinner at Market, one of the hotel restaurants, and all three of us couldn't believe how delicious the food was. It was like every course just got better and better. I would HIGHLY recommend making this a stop if you are ever in Cabo. Granted, it was a little pricy but we were on vacation and we all like food!

Friday, Dad decided to give James the "wedding present" of taking all the groomsmen to golf. I put this in quotes because I am pretty sure it was a present for himself as well. So again, off the boys went. Not to be deterred by their absence, Christy and I hit the beach. That night the rehearsal dinner was on the beach. It was fabulous...a bunch of white couches and tables set up on the beach. Nobody wore shoes, which was great except the sand was a little rocky so it was a bit like getting a really painful pedicure. My feet were completely exfoliated and then some at the end of the evening.

Saturday was the first day we had the boys all day! So we all went to the beach. The boys decided they were going to get in the ocean. This was funny to me because every single one of them underestimated the undertow and essentially got pummeled by these huge waves. Grown men thrown around like rag dolls. After their little bodies could no longer take it and the nice Mexican man put out the black "no swimming" flag, they moved on. Boys find weird stuff to do. Next, they buried Slade in the sand. I'm pretty sure Slade hated every minute of it, but he was a good sport. After that, someone got their hands on a football and a very interesting game of beach football broke out. Funny thing about beach football....little harder to run on sand and these boys are not the pinnacle of fitness. Needed a bit longer of a break after each down to catch their breath....or not pass out.

That evening while the sun was going down was the wedding and it was beautiful. Madison looked stunning and James was a very proud groom. The boys rocked their linen pants and shirts and everyone looked very "beach chic." The reception was held in a restaurant on the beach and it was a great time had by all.

All in all it was a great weekend. The whole peso vs. dollar thing got pretty interesting. How many college graduates does it take to figure out a bill in pesos? A lot. There is no telling what kind of tips these people got from us due to our lack of mathematical skills.

I didn't get a ton of pics but I got a few. I was busy....doing nothing.

Our Hotel

Thomas and I on the beach

Me and Slader

The One and Only Palmilla

Slade and I at The One and Only

My handsome men

Thomas and I at Market

Linds and Cuatro at the rehearsal dinner....they are next!

The Groom!

Cute boys

More cute boys


Travel squad minus Dad

Good times

no telling what was being said....

Cuatro always full of smiles

boys playing sand volleyball

boys at sea

please note that Cody and Slade have the exact same expression on their faces

Slade getting buried

livin the dream....

boys and their handy work

boys on the beach

Madison and James on their wedding day!

double trouble

demonstrating the ears tucked in the hat look

Thomas and I at the pool

The Wedding

My favorite groomsman

Linds rockin a new look with the pajmina

The Lindsey's

Thomas and Linds

silly kids

Cute boys

The sign of a good party....Crawford in the pool

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It looks like a cracker......

It's me Knox and you are just not gonna believe what I did. This afternoon, Mom took me over to see Bebe!! Bebe, Grandad and Thomas have been on an adventure! They were gone for almost three weeks so I was VERY excited to see Bebe and Thomas not to mention my girl, Emma.

I jacked one of Bebe's wooden spoons to play with because honestly...why not? These make awesome drum sticks, they stir, and you can whack somebody with em! Anywho, Mom and Bebe are in the kitchen when I head into the laundry room to check things out. I see Emma's water bowl and so I thought I would help her out and I stirred and stirred up her water for can thank me later, Em. Next, I look over and see her food....interesting. About that time, Mom walks in so I nonchalantly act like, "oh hey Mom, just hanging out stirring up Emma's food with my spoon." stir..stir ...stir  Mom leaves the room allowing me the opportunity to do what I really wanted to do. See, Emma loves this dog food...she can't get enough of the stuff...and it looks like a cracker...I think I'll pop some in my mouth.

It hits my tongue and I realize...big mistake. This stuff is HORRIBLE. I think, okay...I'll chew it up a bit and then it will taste better..wrong. Mom looks over about that time to see me chewing with a look of sheer panic and desperation on my face. She asks Bebe if she gave me any food and Bebe didn't so she comes closer to inspect. Thank goodness for Mom...she just reached in my mouth and grabbed it!
So, I may have let it slide that I actually put an entire handful in my mouth. I mean, please, this is what I do with my Gold Fish and it's greatness! Emma loves my Gold Fish so I was pretty sure she had good taste in food...not so. Poor girl, this stuff is rank.

Anywho, I have learned my lesson....never take food advice from Emma.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rah, Rah, TCU!!

Today I am PROUD TO BE A HORNED FROG! We won the “Granddaddy of them all” the ROSE BOWL!! Sadly, after being at TWO Rose Bowl’s for UT, I was not there today…and I am very jealous of those who were!

With a father who played football at Texas, I was raised a Longhorn and with a husband who played football at Texas Tech, I married a Red Raider. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a multi-cultural fan but I’ll admit….it was FUN to have MY school in the big game!

Growing up, I was a Longhorn. Was the first song I was taught, “Jesus Loves Me?” No, it was not! It was “The Eyes of Texas.” As a 3yr old, I knew all about Gabriel blowing his horn. Since I dated Slade while he was playing at Tech I considered myself an “honorary Red Raider.” I mean please, his last season I was at EVERY game…even went to Nebraska on my birthday. Plus, I was a crucial part of the team during the 05’ season. How, you ask? I was usually responsible for dropping the QB, the backup QB, a receiver and whomever else off at football on Fridays before the game. That way they didn’t have their cars at the stadium. If I didn’t do my job well, then they wouldn’t get there, thus not playing and probably would have lost the game! See, I was crucial to their success!
With all my ties to other teams, I never got the thrill of MY school and MY team being the one everyone was rooting for…until today!!

The great thing about being a Horned Frog is that because we haven’t really been a force of nature of the football field, people really don’t have any strong opinions about us. Not like UT, A&M, OSU or OU in which people won’t root for or be happy for because of some asinine reason or decade long rivalry. It kind of felt like everyone, fans of all schools, were happy for TCU, Ft. Worth, and Texas in general. I am excited about the future as a TEXAS, TECH and HORNED FROG football fan! Let’s face it, with all three; my odds for “my team” winning are pretty good! 

1-1-11...Why the Heck Not?

Happy New Year!! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and holiday season! We were in Hereford for Christmas this year and Rizzle and SteveO did not disappoint! It was a wonderful Christmas spent with lots of family, fellowship, football and FOOD!

Christmas was spent with our family plus Slade's extended family. It was so great to get to have Christmas with Slade's Aunt Paulette and her husband Steve. Her son Brice, his wife Kristen and their ADORABLE kids Emma Kate and Easton. We also had Slade's other aunt Patti and of course the Matriarch..Sweet Meme. Knox got a big surprise because Paulette or "Boppy" to Knox gave him his first Cozy Coupe!! He loved riding in Caroline and Gracie's and is going to love his as soon as Mom and Dad get it assembled now that he's back ;)

After Christmas, Slade and I left Knox to hang with the grandparents and we headed back to the Falls and on to Dallas for a little R&R. Neither party..Knox nor his grandparents were one bit sad to see us go! We Northpark'd it and got some Christmas exchanges taken care of. We had leisurely meals without feeding a little person or answering "who's that?" forty seven times a minute. It was glorious! Slade promised me he would take me to see HP7 in IMAX but it wasn't on so we just went and saw at the regular movie theatre. We spent the night at the Four Seasons....which I have decided is going to be my "old folks home" later in life...the kids don't want to mess with me when I'm 70? That's cool, just stick me in a Four Seasons.
 NYE morning we spent in the Spa...heck of a way to start off a year! We had lunch at the Gaylord, where we saw ICE which was amazing. Basically they turn a tent into a huge refrigerator and have 20 Chinese Men come in and carve up 2 million lbs of ice. The theme this year was Charlie Brown Christmas and it was really quite astounding and COLD.

After ICE we went to a movie in Southlake and then back to the Falls. It was nice to not have a plan and not need to keep a schedule. Last NYE we had a fabulous dinner of Blizzards in the DQ parking lot with a screaming newborn in the backseat and me crying in the front seat because I couldn't believe how much my life had changed in one short year.  Not exactly the best way to start off a year. This year we didn't take a giant leap but we are definitely "movin' on up!" We ate NYE dinner at Chili's in Decatur, Texas. I figure by 2015 NYE there is no telling where we will be!

Today, we rang in the New Year doing exactly what we wanted to do.....picking up our bambino from his grandparents! We missed him! I swear, I can't believe how much he changes in just a few days when we're gone! I know he's mine, but he's just the cutest little toot I've ever seen!

Slade, Knox and I want to wish everyone a VERY happy 2011! We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for our family this year and we believe it's going to be our BEST year yet!! Our family motto for 2011 is, "WHY THE HECK NOT?" We are young, healthy and have so many blessings so instead of coasting through 2011 we are going to do all we can to make this our best year ever because....WHY THE HECK NOT??

Touching Rizzle's Christmas Tree with "one finger"

"I dunno Heather, ya think it's the alternator? My car just won't start"

Santa Coco and his elves

Knox's gift from Rizzle and SteveO

"Ok, so that monkey is gonna just POP OUT again??"

Christmas with my girl HH

Twins + Marshmallow Guns = bad for Steve-O

"I'm not going anywhere...just hangin' out!

Just waiting on some friends

"Seriously, Mom...go back there...I'm only going to be gone for a little bit!"

Chip and Christy annual fireplace pic

Happy Boy 
Family Photo....Knox is making sure that monkey doesn't pop out of the jack in the box and ruin our pic!


He does this when he wants to walk quickly...maybe helps with balance?

Love having all this family around!

But not so sure about someone...

Chattin' with Emma Kate

Such a doll baby!

"Mom, SteveO and I are having some "boys time" here!"

"Sooo Cody, what were you saying about taking back my toys? Ha! I don't think so!"

"Guys, I'm just going to move my dump truck over here!"

Slade and I Christmas Morning
So sweet

"Why you guys talking about my gram-pa pajamas?!"

ICE...yep, it's all made of ice!

Slade with the Linus and Charlie Brown

Our borrowed parkas...Slade's fit...mine, not so much!

Me! In Snoopy's House!

Snoopy's dog house made of ice

more ice

ice tunnel....I don't know if he was trying to shiver or expecting a free kick in soccer