Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who are you and what have you done with my baby?

How did I not get the memo that when your child turns 7 months old and get off schedule they go nuts? Knox actually has started throwing mini temper tantrums. In his defense, he was sick and totally off his schedule but let's move on already! Yesterday, he was with the occupational therapist and he DID NOT want to be on his belly...would start screaming! As soon as he could flip back over he was all giggles and smiles. She asked me, "did he just throw a fit?" "Wow, I have never seen a 7 month old do that!" Awesome. The kid has it totally figured out that if he gets REEAAALLLY mad then he gets his way. Yes, most parents would be thrilled that their child is showing signs of deductive reasoning at such an early age...not so.

So today at the grocery store I became "that mom." I never realized how judgmental I was towards parents until I became one. If you happened to be at United today and heard some mother saying, "seriously, if you don't pull yourself together I don't care if you are only a baby, I will leave you in aisle 7." or "You are in a buggy at the grocery store for crying out loud, you are not gonna die!" That MIGHT have been me. Knox was not gonna sit in the buggy...he thew a fit! I don't know if it wasn't comfortable or he didn't feel secure enough but he was not having it....UNLESS some nice lady would stop and talk to him. Then it was all goo goo gaga and smiles...seriously, all the kid needs is a halo and his act would be complete. I even tried to give him a choice of his food but nope. The ONLY thing that would distract him enough to make him quit crying would be me singing/dancing to him as we perused the aisles. Yep. Love Story by Taylor Swift was the only thing to grab his attention. So if you were at United today and happened to see some Mom singing and dancing to her kid...that MIGHT have been me as well.
Not gonna lie, got a few stares.

The last straw was when an elderly woman..maybe 70's...stopped me and said in a super condescending tone, "your baby has a mohawk!" I wanted to say, "thanks Captain Obvious" or something not very christian but I just said, "yep, sure does!" I mean please, it's not even a real mohawk. It's more like a tuft of hair on the top of his head that sticks strait up. Granted, I know back in the day a mohawk, was a sign of a rebel but it's not like he has piercings, tatoos and Adam Lambert-ish heavy black eyeliner!  My only saving grace was that Slade was meeting us for lunch so just when I thought I was going to give him away here came his savior and mine....DADDY! Then it was all smiles and laughing. Ugh. Good times! However, his morning nap was a wash because he fell asleep in the stroller and then wouldn't go down so maybe he was just really tired. Please Lord let that be the case.

We are headed to Colorado Friday so we shall see if my easy going sweet baby returns or if this mutant baby stays.

Monday, May 24, 2010

7 Months!

I can't believe Knox is 7 months old today...seriously, when did that happen? As I was rocking him today and he was hitting me in the face, I wondered to myself where the time and my infant had gone. I remember when he was a tiny little baby that I thought would NEVER fit in newborn clothes. Now he's practically a man...or at least the size of one. I love it when people see us together and think they are being so clever and say, "you sure that's YOUR baby?" Nope, just some kid I got on the corner!

At 7 months, Knox is 20 lbs and 27-28 inches long (can't remember which.) He is still a super easy going but after being sick and being held all the time he has decided he likes that better than entertaining himself. Go figure. He has started "talking" but the funny thing is he babbles in a whisper. Such a quiet little talker...hmm interesting considering his family. He keeps saying dadadadadada....and I am like yeah right, he is gonna bust out with Da-da first! So not cool. The HUGE smile and excitement when Daddy comes home from work is enough.... He is so over me as soon as Slade hits the back door.

Still no teeth which I can't understand considering the amount of drool .... it gives the oil leak in the gulf a run for it's money! He wants to be moving SOOO bad but hasn't figured it out yet. Being the stellar parent I am, I have not nurtured this process as much as I probably should but it's just so much easier when they stay in one place. I am also teaching him sign language which pretty much consists of me repeating the same words over and over with hand signals and him blankly staring at me like "woman just feed me already!" It just amazes me that he is becoming a little person right before our eyes.

"Yes, Mother I am cute but get me out of this seat already!"

Hey Mom...can you grab me the remote and a bottle?

"Thank you....thank you very much"

7 months today and a busy boy!!

so stick your tongue out at him and he sticks his out at you.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hollywood...Here I come!

My Mommy thinks I am gonna be a CELEBRITY! least that is what I am pretty sure she meant when she said that ever since I have been sick I have been super High Maintenance and that she is so over my "diva like" behavior. Mom's the greatest...she already believes in my potential and I'm not even a year old. As I am laying in my crib fake crying I began to ponder all the qualities that I think I have that would make me a Star. I have come up with a list:

  • I love to hear myself today when Mom and Brooke were at lunch...I squealed my loudest ever! I mean I couldn't get over myself and how funny I was. I kept doing it over and over again in an attempt to top off the previous squeal and possibly get to a decibel that only dogs could hear! 
  • I am super friendly....the other day when I was really fussy Dad finally put me down in front of this big shiny thing and there was a baby in a frame! Greatest guy...he was incredibly handsome and every time I would smile at him, he would instantly smile back! There was glass separating us but I would put my hand up and so would he! He's probably my best friend because he's always the only baby I see when I look in the big framed shiny thing. 
  • I have these amazing things on the end of my arms. They are little balls with short stubby things coming off of them...5 to be exact. But they are the greatest because when I put one of the short stubby things on my face I can feel it! I can also use them to bring things to my mouth and I LOVE to stare at them. The short stubby things are great to suck on...specially when your toof hurts. 
  • I already have all the ladies drooling....this miiiight be because most are teething but I choose to believe it's my charm.
  • My hair looks just like Puck on the TV show Glee! Got the same mohawk but mine is natural. Turns out my Bebe and Puck's mom were suite-mates at SMU so I already have "connections"
  • I LOVE music and when Mom put's it on I scream really loud and wiggle my feet to dance. 
  • I LOVE TV...I mean if I am gonna be a star I gotta learn my craft.
  • I am on a super restrictive diet...I only eat formula and organic food...isn't that what all the starts do? And just like them, I drink my dinner!
  • I already wear designer clothes...Can you say POLO! Holla! Plus Mom always shops at this super fancy store...I'd say 95% of my wardrobe comes from there... it called Targee'. Pretty sure it's French.
  • I have great fashion sense...I was rockin the onsie way before it was back in style!
  • Finally..I LOVE having my picture taken...if that doesn't say STAR I don't know what does!
Personally I totally think I should be the next e-trade if y'all know anyone at e-trade...hook a brother up! Mom was right! I am gonna be a CE-LEBRITY!....I had LOTS of time to come up with this list since I am so over naps!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sick Baby = Exhausted Mommy

Yesterday after we got home about one-ish I went in to change Knox's diaper and when I picked him up he was on fire. Literally it felt like holding a heating pad. Totally freaked me out. Promptly I took his temp and it was 103! I called the dr but they have to call you back so I just had to wait. I went to put him down because he had to be tired but he just SCREAMED. I picked him up and he promptly threw up all over me. So I am sitting rocking my baby who is naked except for a diaper in a sports bra and panties with throw up in my hair...Ah-Mazing! I had to take a shower but Knox had to be held and I needed to listen for the phone. I then put my big girl panties on and decided to multi-task. I put Knox in his bouncy seat beside the shower door and put the phone on the tub so I could hear it ring and washed my hair as I stuck my foot out the door and bounced Knox's seat...welcome to motherhood. Finally talked to the Dr. and he said to bring Knox in. FIVE miserable hours later we go home with the diagnosis of Roseola. High fever for two days and then probably a rash. We get home and Knox crashes. Great! So he doesn't feel good and he is just gonna sleep a lot....wrong! I have heard my girlfriends talk about how awful it is when your baby is sick and honestly you can't understand until it happens. Knox woke up around 9:30 and didn't not go back to sleep until 5am. I tried everything short of putting the child on the roof to distract him. We fed him, rocked him, changed him, bounced him, you name it- we did it. At one point we had Knox in the nap nanny in between Slade and I in our queen sized bed. We both had about a foot and a half of room and a screaming baby in the middle. I kicked Slade out and sent him to the couch so he could get some rest since he had to go to work. Around 4:30ish I was so desperate I turned on the TV and miraculously that distracted him....he was watching a Zumba infomercial. That lasted about 15 minutes...not that I didn't take those glorious 15 minutes to drift off. Only to be awakened by my child....whom I love. I finally fell asleep around 5 and woke me up again at 8....however he feels better today but his mommy is EXHAUSTED!

Women's Intuition

This past weekend we headed back to Hereford so that Slade could play in a golf tournament. Since Slade played the afternoon round on Sun, we didn't get to leave until almost 8pm. For those who have a little one you know that trying to correlate bedtime and "put them down" in their car seat is pretty much impossible. Plus Knox had been a little fussier than usual so I was afraid he might be getting sick. On the drive home, the sky kept getting darker and darker and the lightning ahead of us looked like something out of a bad sci-fi movie. I kept telling Slade that I just DID NOT have a good feeling about this and felt like I was driving into my demise. Literally as we were driving my stomach just kept getting tighter and tighter. I KNEW something wasn't right. He thought I was being a little dramatic...but not so. Dad was about 20 min ahead of us and called us and told us to turn around and go back to Amarillo. We were in Clarendon which is about an hr away from Amarillo. Dad and his friend Mark had already seen a tornado on the ground but could only see it when lightening would strike so they had no idea which way it was headed. It looked like we were going to drive right into it. So we promptly turned around and headed North. Thing is, even though we were okay, I was terrified something might happen to my dad. We could have stayed in Clarendon but let's be honest.... I had no idea which way this tornado was headed and I refused to spend my last night on earth in a seedy motel. Plus I didn't want to die in one even knows where that is! So BACK to Amarillo we went. After getting to Holiday Inn Express at 11ish we had to wake up Knox and naturally he thought it was time to play! I saw the clock at every hour....I thought it was one of my worst nights sleep ever....until last night.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

few photos...

I LOVE Blueberries!

I'm so cute, I can barely stand it!

check it's my new foot!

those are his toes....flexible little booger

showing Rizzle my sweet shades!

Knox's new favorite thing to do....wave his hand and watch it.  Reminds me of the Godfather. Then he catches me at the end!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Nap time ....where have you gone? Come back!!

I love my child...I love my child...I love my child. This has been my chant all afternoon because Knox has been TESTING my resolve ALL AFTERNOON!! First, I made the colossal mistake of making baby food and using blueberries. I know they are good because of all the antioxidants and all so I decided to do a little peach/blueberry mixture. I had blue EVERYWHERE....naturally Knox loved it and thought that instead of just eating it he needed to stick his hands up there too and just spread it around. He liked it so much that he would bite the paper towel that I was trying to clean up his face with....literally trying to get it to the very last drop.

After lunch it was time to put him down for a nap. The kid has decided that he is just over naps...awesome. It also doesn't help that we are trying to get him out of the nap nanny and he loves it. So naturally he doesn't want to lay in the crib where he can't see all by himself. However, he thinks he has my number BUT I am one step ahead of him. He cries really hard when I am in the room and then when he thinks I am gone he will play a little it then look at the door and cry...but it's not a real's an "I want my way" cry. At first I thought he might still be hungry so I gave him a little more bottle...nope. Next, I thought he might be hot so he is currently in only a diaper...nope. He did however, get half his diaper off and thought it was soooo funny. Yeah, not so much. Finally, after it doesn't sound like he is going to sleep, I go in  there and he has his blanket wrapped all the way around his head and it literally looks like an Arab man. I untangle him and we try rocking...he is so not into this. Now I have decided that he might just sleep in that dang Nap Nanny till he's 7 because it works. So he is currently in the Nap Nanny in the crib with just a diaper on.

I think he has fallen asleep.....I did just turn on the TV to see that we are in a tornado warning. So not worried about this because we are always in a tornado warning in the spring but all I can think is if they sound those stupid sirens and it wakes my baby up..... I am going to kill someone.

Nope still awake.....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Long time no post but I have been very busy!! Mom and I made a last minute 24hr trip to Hereford on Thursday because Rizzle was having a very bad week and we wanted to cheer her up. So we surprised her at school and let me tell you, Rizzle was GLAD to see me! Naturally I smiled and cooed at all the teachers so they could get the full effect of my appeal! Let's be honest, they loved me! On Friday we drove home and got to see Dad for a few minutes before he headed to Lubbock for Uncle Bucky's bachelor party! Saturday, Mom had a baby shower for my future friend Graham and his mom Lindsay. It was really fun and I loved getting to hang out with all the ladies...matter of fact, I didn't nap ALL DAY just to make sure I didn't miss anything! Yep, Mom was thrilled! After the shower, Auntie Heather came in town to see me. It's been a while since she has seen me and she was having withdrawals. She spent the night with us and Mom was really glad when she offered to hang out with me this morning so that Mom could sleep in. Dad came back from Lubbock early because it's Mom's first Mothers Day. My mom LOVES the adult onsie....secretly I think she sees how I rock a onsie and she wants to be like me. So I (via Dad) got her a Juicy onsie that she really wanted. It's totally cute, couldn't be better if I picked it out myself. Funny though, the other thing Mom wanted for MOTHERS DAY was for Dad to do all the parenting all day today. I mean, little bit of an oxy-moron Mom? Turns out after two weekends as a single parent and road trip with me she needed a break...the nerve of that woman.  Anywho, we had a very low key Mothers Day that pretty much consisted of Mom hanging out on the couch and Dad and I watching golf. Good Times!
What Mom walked in on this afternoon! 

how cute am I?

I'm not so sure it's nap time Mom!

half-hearted smile...sleepy boy

concentrating very hard...not sure on what.



Oh, Hey Dad!

Ready for my close up! (lot's o drool these days)

Aunt H came to see me!

baby shower get up

Mom decorated the Christmas tree for the shower....she's crazy

cute cake

Sunday, May 2, 2010

weekend with Mom

So mom and I had a weekend alone because Dad went with Uncle Chip to Pebble Beach. It was a great weekend, but I took it upon myself to make it a little challenging for mom. Now, when I stay with other people they all tell Mom that I was PERFECT but I can't be perfect all the time so I figure Mom's not gonna give me away, she can deal. On Thurs night I stayed up until 11:00 pm!!!! Yep, wasn't really fussy or hungry, I just talked and talked and talked....well squealed actually but made sure to do it right into the monitor! Friday I perfected hide and seek with my Camo totally couldn't see me...I LOVED it!  ran some errands with Mom and then stayed with Gan on that night and some of Sat while Mom ran to Dallas for some Advocare stuff. Of course I was perfect for Gan! Mom picked me up on Sat and we just hung out. Sunday I got to see Hutch at the Club and Mom got to see Henry and his Mom Lisa when we went walking with Bebe. Mom was really glad to see them cause we have been prayin for them lots. Charlotte is still in Ft. Worth but she is gonna be home hopefully soon and I am so excited to get to meet them both, but Mom says they need to get a little bigger first cause I might squish them now. I am getting bigger and bigger every day and becoming much more of a little person. I love to smile and laugh, I think my grandfather is REALLY funny. However, Mom was none to pleased with me tonight. While I was getting a bath, I discovered my "man part" as mom called it. She kept moving my hand and  I promptly would put right back....finally when I was sick of her moving my hand I just peed on her. Show her! Mom put me down a little after 7 and it's 9 and I'm still up! Frankly, I view this as doing my part for Mom and Dad's relationship. I figure if I wear her down, she will be REALLY ready to see Dad... Great plan! yea me! 

where am I?

now I am really camouflaged...

Here I am!!!

All dressed up and ready for the Derby..have my horse on and everything!