Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Its a....BABY!

Today we had another dr appt and sonogram. Here are a few pictures, not the greatest quality but the first is babys little foot and the second is a profile shot. We COULD have found out the sex today but Slade said No. I didn't imagine how hard it would be to not know...this lady doing the sonogram knows what I am having and I can't! I tried everything...batted my eyelashes, said please in my sweetest voice but Slade wouldn't budge. Who knew he could be such a stickler!! I even looked really hard to "accidently see" but it had it's legs crossed every time I and Slade have already started teaming up against me! However, just like in EVERY other sonogram they tell us that "this sure is a squirmy little thing, it's all over the place!" I thought this was quite comical as she says this, Slade is standing up, sitting down, crossing his legs, uncrossing his legs..ect. I wonder where baby gets it!?!

I am measuring almost 21 weeks which is about a week ahead of my due date, but 20 weeks is half way so we have made it this far! Baby looks great..I asked about the head measurement and she said at this point it looks normal (thank you Jesus!) Everything else looks great!