Sunday, October 30, 2011

Knox's Par-Tee!

Knox had a Golf themed 2nd birthday Par-Tee Saturday and it was a smashing success! He LOVED the bounce house and getting to play with all of this friends. It also helped that all his family was around to celebrate with him! 

Golf Theme

The cake

"Sandtraps" (rice crispie treats) Knox had about 17

"water hazard"

golf clubs as party favors

Olivia came in town!

Is this not the greatest! I LOVE bouncing!

trying to give Charlotte a smooch in the bounce house...she wasn't buying it.

making sure that everyone sees that he's bouncing

so excited "Non-Non" (Nonnie) came!

Hanging with Rizzle

Slade with Charlotte and Knox

Olivia and her dad in the bounce house

Hutch, Elizabeth and Maggie

Sweet Molly

Baily was rocking a band-aid as an accessory

"Mom, I'm hanging with older ladies...give me a minute"

I wish I knew what this conversation was...

Brooke and Molly

Knox and Vivi

blowing out his candles

The cake!

Knox and both his GREAT Grandmothers

Knox eating his 17th rice crispie treat

Molly and her sampler platter

checkin in with Molls

Knox left to mow the front lawn mid party so this is him checking back in 

Knox and Charlotte...the sun was a little bright

Knox and his girl linds

Molly and Slade...I think this is her model sassy face

blowing bubbles

this was a look I captured when someone tried to talk to Lindsey...he was quite annoyed

kids at play

Henry and Knox

it's good friends that assemble a kiddie grill for you. 

After the party, Mom and Dad had to go to a Halloween party. I wasn't going to spend any money on a costume so I just wore my high school cheerleading uniform....Slade obviously had another idea...

The giant man child cow

For his birthday Aunt Christy and Uncle Dodo ( Knox tried to say Coco or Cody but it came out Dodo..fitting) gave Knox his very own grill and "SteveO in training" apron to be just like Steve-O! Rizzle also gave him a mail truck.... that and his mailbox from the Clarks are current favorites. What can I say, the kid is obsessed with the US Postal service. 

Knox in his new apron with his mail truck

showing Steve O how it's done

posing in their gear

loves cookin with Steve-O

uncle Dodo wearing Knox's apron

Monday, October 24, 2011

Knox is TWO!

I CANNOT believe my baby is TWO today. Seriously, where did the time go? I can't believe someone that has been on this planet for only a short 24 months could capture my heart so fully and completely....oh, but he has.

Knox's 2 yr stats:

Height: 2ft 11in
Weight: 26lbs
Eats: Everything..ALL the time!
Loves: the mailman (seriously, obsessed with him) Elmo (Melmo) and Golf are his top three.
Favorite people to hang out with: Gangan and Lindsey Lunn
Favorite babysitters: Gangan and Lauren Scholl (Lo-Lo)
Best Friends: Ben Barnard, Molly Clark, Charlotte and Henry Whitmire
He is obsessed with things being put up where they belong (especially his shoes)...he even takes dirty clothes to the laundry room.
He loves going to the golf course with Daddy.
He loves to mow the lawn just like Daddy.
His new favorite word is "no"...awesome.
He loves to sing and dance...all the time. The kid loves music. He sings the tune to twinkle twinkle for everything but has now been using the word "mailman" over and over again. He has recently learned Row Row your boat..but we haven't gotten all that far.
He loves hats...especially baseball/golf hats
He can fully work an iphone and ipad....crazy because I have never "taught" him how.

He is a big talker...don't always know what he's saying but he talks all the time. He can say lots of words but they don't always mean what they are supposed to...these are my favorites that he uses often.

Row Row = Boat
Nan Nan = Gan Gan
Non Non = Nonnie
Bubbles = Goldfish... (because there were bubbles in the goldfish pond..he knew I would make the connection..he also says bubbles for bubbles)
Uck = Truck
Siren Noise = Fire Truck. Ambulance or Police Car
Arms out saying "shhhhh" = Airplane
Meow Meow = Cat
Moo Moo = Cow
Lello (Yellow) = School Bus

Overall, Knox is a happy, wonderful, amazing kid. Slade and I feel so blessed that we get to be his parents. He's our own little nut and we love him!

For is birthday, Bebe and Grandad gave him his own golf cart!! Because of course, every two year old needs their own golf cart. He was BEYOND thrilled. He is also obsessed with Dad's Perm O Green logo, so I printed it off on to sticker paper and put it on the front of his golf cart. Don't know if he was more excited about the cart or the logo.

Helping Dad Mow

Still mowing...
it's his birthday and he's off!
you know you are two when you use your cup holders for your bubbles
TWO cool for school
seriously good do I look?

He LOVES his new golf cart!
No, Dad...sorry you can't ride.
This is GREAT!!

This is the video of him getting his golf cart....he was sooo excited!