Sunday, June 27, 2010

Month 8 & The Lake!

I turned 8 months old on the 24th of this month and let me just tell you...the first 8 months of my life has FLOWN by! I am super busy these days that's why I'm a little behind on my blogging. Summer is just a busy time for this baby. I go to school, the pool, to hang with Gan, Bebe, and all my friends. My social calendar is getting pretty full.

I love going to the's the greatest. They have this little pool that's made for little tiny people just like me and it has a huge mushroom in the middle that has water cascading from the takes a dare devil to want to go underneath with their Mom and let me tell you people, I am ALMOST there! Plus there is a cute lifeguard that Mom likes, so it's win-win!

 Before you ask, no I am not crawling yet. And no, I don't feel the need to just yet. I am perfectly happy sitting, jumping and rolling. Plus, honestly have you seen the size of this body??...not an easy task my friends! After Mom watched Brooke chase Molly all around, she is not the least bit ready for me to be mobile...says she likes me just fine the way I am!

This past weekend I went to the lake with Mom, Dad, Bo, Brooke, Baily and Molly. We went to Possum Kingdom to Nonnie's cabin where Mom has been going since she was my age! However, I  have no idea why it's called that since I saw absolutely NO possums! Anywho, we had SO much fun and I love the lake and watching all the boats! I also love getting to hang with Molly and Baily. I went on my first cruiser ride and loved the cruiser but HATED the lifejacket. Mom said that's just par for the course...everyone has hated the lifejacket at some point and it's suffering they have all had to bear. Ugh! It was a fab weekend and the only downfall was when Brooke was stung by a wasp. But don't worry, Bo avenged her! He went crazy with the Raid! Killed the wasp, his kids, his cousins, and his mom's best friend! Then when he ran out of Raid he went at em with WD40 and a lighter...don't ask. Moral of the story...don't pick on this guys wife!! All in all it was a great weekend with fabulous food and fellowship!

The only downer is that I think I have come down with a cold. I am running about 101 and my nose is just running. Constantly. Mom keeps coming at me with this blue bulb thing and I swear if that woman comes at my face again with that bulb I am gonna bite off a finger!
rockin my frog towel at the pool

so excited

Mom, You like my Jean Diaper?....Jorts are so last year

Here get the backside...

What? you don't think they are super cool?

So not talking to you anymore....

ummm guys.....I thought this pool was for babies?

Dad, check out this cool PINK bucket!

You know I look macho with my pink bucket?

I love this!

Mom got in my pool with me!!

Serious...Model pose.....going for smoldering ....totally think I got it!

Dad! Stop taking pictures of me and PLAY with me!! Sheesh!

Hey Molls, glad you got your bottle, but you have a little riiight there.

Downright Angelic I tell ya!

this chick is mobile!!!

Molly pulling a Michael Jordan going for the ball with her tongue out!

Knox, you BETTER not be poopin in this pool!!

Nah, I don't see anything.....
(turns out he is lovingly gazing at her mother!...loves him some Brooke)

Girl....what you talking about?


We got this under control!

Love Swinging!

Happy Boy

Knox's face when Brooke screamed after getting stung!

Brooke BETTER be okay!

Love this!

Dad pushin me....

Dad! Did you see that!?!

I am going for adventurous/dangerous you see it? I mean NO HANDS!

My first shower EVER with Dad...(don't worry Dad had on a swimsuit)

Watching Tennis with Dad...clapping when Dad claps
(yes, that is a breastfeeding pillow I am laying on..lot's of new mommies in this bunch... but turns out it's perfect as a pillow for me!)

Oh, hey Mom.

Take my picture!!

Working the camera

Did you see that?? Amazing shot!

Amazing I tell ya!

Seriously Dad, I am totally gonna be a professional athlete some day!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A day in the life....

I love my husband but I swear that man is gonna drive me batty! I recently got a haircut and cut shorter bangs...I'll admit, they are not my best look. Oh well. So I asked Slade if he liked them to which I got the,"um..yeah..sure" response. Jerk. So last night I take a shower and then before I can dry my hair, I have to tend to Knox so I just let it dry naturally. Didn't even get to brush it out. I think nothing of dear sweet husband walks in the kitchen and says, "Hey Joe Dirt, where's Knox's bottle?While you are business in the front, we are having a party in the back" The thing about it is that he says it so conversationally and then walks out that I didn't even catch it until I hear him chuckling. He thinks he's pretty funny. I ignore him..because that's what you do to a bully. So because I ignored it last night, he has been calling me Joe Dirt all day....I think I might punch him if he says it again.

So how do I repay my dear sweet husband? Last night in bed I tell him that he needs a Biore Pore Strip across his nose and it will just make his skin look radiant. He reluctantly agrees, I think he was so tired he didn't realize exactly what he was agreeing to. So I get his nose wet and then stick it on there. When the 15 minutes is up I tell him, "oh just rip it off, like a bandaid." The thing about these is that they get really hard and REALLY stick to you so it's usually better to go slower I think. But not Slader, he just rips it off...then looks at me like, WHAT THE HECK?? OUCH!! I just smile and roll over....hahah SUCKA! Teach him to call me names again.

Also, we are "gerbil-sitting" for Preston Stephan and if you ever want someone to pet-sit for you, give them a gerbil...easiest ever. I took Knox in there so he could see Chocolate (the gerbil) and he is very perplexed by this little creature. He just looks at me like, "what is THAT thing?" This got Slade and I talking about what animals we would allow Knox to have one day. I say ABSOLUTELY no reptiles. I am deathly afraid of snakes. Wouldn't be able to sleep in my own home...He can totally have a gerbil, hampster or whatever. Those don't bother me.

What does Slade say that Knox can absolutely NOT have.....a KITTEN! What?
"Yeah, Linds I mean think about it they have those icky whiskers and beady little eyes....uggh!" So after almost 7 yrs together I learn something new about my husband...he is scared of kittens....interesting.
He then went on to inform me that if I got Knox a kitten he would get him a snake...I would call that a push.

Such a fascinating life I lead!

More Pics from H-Town

Here are a few more pics from my weekend in Hereford!

Aunt Christy feeding me

not sure about these people...

I love Uncle Chip

to show him how much, I pull his hair!

Who loves ME?


Twins....aren't they adorable?

Hodges Ladies


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day... my daddy!! In his first year as a daddy, I think he gets an A+! I love my daddy and he loves me, so we make a great team. I have even started saying Da Da Da...Dad thinks it's directed at him so we are gonna go with that! I love my Daddy because:
* As soon as he gets home he comes strait over and throws me up in the air
* When I am in my jumper he stands in front of me and HE jumps too!!
* He get's up with me every morning and feeds me before he goes to work so mommy can sleep.
* He named all my stuffed animals for me
* He puts lotion on me after my bath and does a little baby massage...people supposedly pay big bucks for these "massage" things and I get em for free!
* My daddy puts me in his lap and we watch the wonderful world of Golf on TV and he tells me all about it
* He sometimes takes me on walks (just us two) and let's me squeal AS LOUD as I want!!
* I got my killer hair from him

 BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY.... He loves me more than any daddy has ever loved any baby and he tells me so ALL the time! See, so at the ripe old age of 8 months I have decided that I have the best daddy in the world!

Funny thing though....On Mother's Day, Mommy wanted me to be with Daddy and on Father's Day Daddy wanted to play golf....umm do we see something wrong with this picture since NEITHER involve ME and I am the one that made these people PARENTS!

Me and Dad just hangin out....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

First Day of School.....

for babies, that is. Knox had his first day of Mothers Day Out today at TLC! He Loved it and is so excited because Ben is in his class with him. Mommy loves it because Beth is right across the hall and Mom was thrilled today when she walked in to see Katie in Knox's room. It really really helps to drop your child off at "school" for the first time with two of your sweet friends right there. There are only four little boys in Knox's class and knowing this kid...he loved having other babies around! He might be a little confused that the babies at school don't mimic his every move like his "friend" in the mirror but I bet he figures it out pretty quickly. I know he had fun because it took him about 14 seconds to fall asleep when we got home! I think this is going to be a fabulous thing for BOTH of us!
Day one and he already thinks he's "too cool for school!"

Having so much fun with Ben!