Friday, February 11, 2011

Crazy, busy February!

I have not been good about blogging, I know. It's just been super crazy around here. Brooke and I are trying to get our business off the ground and it looks like it's going to be GREAT! Our first show was definitely a success and we already have a show set up in Dallas on the 10th of March (all you Dallas girls get ready!) not to mention we are going to be at the Highland Park/University Park Spring Market in April!  Big things ahead for these two little mammas!

So in lieu of a are some recent pics....

Adele and I had a "snow day slumber party"...we did our nails, homemade facials and since we are "grown ups" now we drank wine instead of hot chocolate.

Did I say grown ups? Hmm not really. But we did feel much safer with a super hero sleeping in the next room. 

Love the new outfit Amy Jo sent him...would only wear it with the hood on.

such a little boy!

errr maybe not! had to wear Mom's scarf because Mom wore it so naturally he had to as well!

Chillin in my Cozy Coupe

Ready to brave the elements!

going out the door ...maybe to work like Daddy (?) with his laptop!

SOOO over being bundled up!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside!

Snow Day in the Falls! I love it! My husband and my child are a bit stir crazy but do I let this deter my joy?? Absolutely not! Its FREEZING outside..literally. We got 6-8' last night and it is glorious! Got a fire keeping us all toasty and while I should be using this time to do something productive like finish the closets I started cleaning out...I'm not. I'm just enjoying snugglin with which ever of my two men that will let me catch them for more than a minute. Knox is an easier catch because I am still bigger than him.
lookin for the snow

They tell me it's gonna snow!

It's here!

So pretty

Grandad took me to play in the snow!