Monday, July 25, 2011

Before & After

I love a good "Before & After" blog post. Matter of fact, they are my favorite. So imagine my excitement when I came across some internet pictures of our house when it was on the market. I never got to see it with furniture in it, as it had been vacant for a few months months when I first looked at it. I am more of a "visionary" when it comes to decor, old furniture or things like that where as my hubby is VERY literal. (However, since my design on a dime project he has become MUCH more open minded.) 

When I first brought Slade to what is now our humble abode, he thought I had lost it. Seriously, looked at me like an alien must have invaded my body because I wanted this house. The woman who lived here before us, had lived here since at least the 1950's and hadn't updated, well, pretty much since then. She was a heavy smoker so there was a lovely staunch that accompanied all the hideous wallpaper and matted carpets. I, however, loved the floor plan and thought it had great bones...just needed a facelift. We didn't have the scratch for a full facelift so I settled for what I assume is the decor version of Botox, brow lift, and veneers.

Not one to be deterred, I painted a picture for my husband that must have been quite elaborate because somehow, I got him to agree to buy it...oh, and I told him I would do most of the work myself... and I might have had to google, "How to paint a house" because I had no clue what I was doing. 

Then the fun started. I painted the entire house...myself. I did have occasional help from my father, my grandmother and Trish...with a few other people who got randomly suckered in for small projects. However, I did the bulk of it. Probably won't ever do that again. I had Bob the Builder who helped me do the things that I physically or legally couldn't do myself and voila! good as new..ish.

It is in no way, shape or form finished to the standard that we would like (I am still the proud owner of ovens that I believe the Keebler Elves use in their tree....actually, I bet even THEY have bigger ovens now) and a turquoise bathtub, which I now kind of love...very Anthropologie (or so I tell myself) but it's home and we love it. This isn't the entire house but more just the B&A of the rooms that they had previous pics of, plus a few random projects...So here is my progress.....

Living Room

Shot of our living room from the real-estate listing....yikes

My first attempt at an update with "hand me down" furniture..
I also removed the popcorn ceilings, painted the entire room including the wood paneling,
 brick fireplace and added more modern lighting.

Few months later, saved a little money and trying to make it younger still...
I painted the table and replaced the pillows

Couple of years some Christmas money and FINALLY got fresh carpet (yippee!) 
and some newer furniture...

Finished product (for now)....naturally the king needs his chair right in the middle

opposite side...left bookcases original color 

Formal Living Room
This was the formal living room which we have converted into Slade's office. 
I kind of wish I had stolen those chairs on the right...I kind of like them.

Finished product..
painted the walls, put down hardwoods, added recessed lighting and got him a "man desk." 
We had no real need for the "formal living" as we have no "formal" furniture.

Dining Room

Real-estate picture of the dining room...

Again, added hardwoods, painted the walls and after a year and a half of looking..
 decided on a dining table I liked...6 months later, got some chairs!
Next I painted the chandelier from bronze to antique white to match my table.

Guest Room

Real-estate pic of one of the bedrooms. I knew it was not going to be the nursery
 and just a guest room so I wanted to do something a little younger/hipper...
so I did this......

Painted the walls green! Everyone thought I was nuts. But I love it.
 Actually it's not this dark in real life, just kind of weird lighting.

This is actually a little bit truer color..

Kitchen table..

This is the kitchen table I painted shiny black ....but don't have a before pic...oh well

Table in the kitchen.. I painted white over wallpaper that shouldn't be allowed to be seen..ever.

Master Bedroom
Real-estate pic of master bedroom before...
Had to use LOTS of adjectives to sell Slader on this one...
blue room AND blue carpet..nice.

Current pic of master...not the greatest pic since I took it with my phone.
Still want to do some work but broke for now. 
Painted walls, new carpet, and new lighting. 

Entry Way

Entry way...after I covered up hideous wallpaper and painted stripes, 
but before I painted door

see..much better!

Real-estate shot of the bar....oh,  the turquoise.. 
did I mention that the wallpaper is a lovely mix of velvet and metallic stripes...jealous?

The bar today...spray painted the cabinets and added wallpaper...

Cabinets with my fun little knobs

Bar from opposite side

Little Smarty Pants

It's me, Knox. I just had to share, because this morning I had a stroke of genius. Mom and Dad have been getting mad at me for screaming. I don't see what the big deal is... sometimes I just like to let it all out, explore my vocal range, or blow off some stream with a good, long scream. However, Mom and Dad are not fans...especially in public. So what did I do? I beat Mom to the punch!

This morning I wanted to scream, so I walked my happy butt over to the corner where she puts me in Time Out, sat down, faced the wall and screamed! HA! How can she put me in Time Out if I'm already here?!? I know, it's brilliant. I think Mom appreciated my resourcefulness and didn't even get mad!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Move over Tiger....

It's me Knox and all I have to say is move over Mr. Woods because there is a new kid that has been playing golf since the age of one. Since I am in fact, still only... one, I can only predict my future greatness.

I am OBSESSED with golf (Mom says I come by this naturally.) I picked it up all on my own. Mom and Dad are a little perplexed at my love for the game and I surprised them when I showed them my golf swing. I use it as my go to party trick, right after my funny laugh, as well as just a common greeting. Most people wave hello or goodbye...not me...I show you my swing! It all started out when I went up to the golf course with Mom and Dad and Grandad gave me a little golf club for little people. It was love at first sight. Mom made it be an 'outside only' toy because she didn't think a one year old with a metal stick was awesome for indoors. Due to the scorching temperatures this summer, and my ever burning desire to learn my trade, Mom had to improvise. My first indoor golf set consisted of a plastic easter egg and a wooden spoon. Makes for quite the set of clubs.

Next, I hit pay dirt when my amazing neighbor Nancy went and got me a set of my very own plastic golf clubs!! Since they are plastic, Mom even lets me use them indoors! I am amazing. I have a driver, wedge and putter.

My all time favorite thing to do is go to the golf course with Dad. We go to the putting green or just ride around in the cart. I even went to the TO this year and got to see all the golfers. I showed everyone my swing and got my very own TO hat, which I rarely, if ever, take off. When I can't make it to the golf course I love to watch it on TV. Out of sheer desperation one day, Mom switched the channel from the cartoons I wasn't watching to the golf channel. It was like a beacon from the Mother Ship. I just sat down in my chair and watched in awe as I saw my future unfold before my eyes.....

My first trip to the course with Dad

This is GREAT!

lining up my putt

"Dad, Can we go over there on the actual course?"

My first golf club!

Why can't I go on the tour now?

My "indoor" clubs

Showing the golfers at the TO how it's done 

Hanging with Hutch and Dad

"More" golf please!


Cuatro, Dad and I doing some official TO stuff...we are kind of a big deal

Grandad and I judging the long drive contest

showing off my swing at the Hereford 4th of July parade

Practicing in Rizzle and Steve-O's front yard

"Lord, please let me be on the tour."

What is this business? Golf clubs for clowns?

I'll still work it!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Knox's "Funny Laugh"

Knox started doing this "funny laugh." It started a few months ago and we have no idea where it came from. He sounds like Woody Woodpecker and he does it when he wants attention or wants to make someone laugh. Only recently, he has started doing it on command. Makes for a great party trick. Anywho, here is a video of him doing his "funny laugh" for Aunt Heather and then cracking himself up attempting to do it again. The harder she laughs, the more he tries to do it. It's cinematic gold.

Monday, July 11, 2011


First time to run through the sprinklers with Grandad... Not to sure bout this...

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