Sunday, April 5, 2015

Four Five Seconds (Ellis's birth story... Part 1)

 I don't blog much anymore, however, today is Ellis's original due date and addition of our sweet girl should probably be mentioned on the family blog...(mainly, so I don't hear about this is therapy when she's 17.) This is her birth story, it's crazy, it's happy, it's sad and it's life..our life. It went a little something like this...

 Goodbye old house. Hello new house. Welcome to the world Elizabeth Slade "Ellis" Hodges! When I named this blog “Casa de Crazy” I didn’t mean for my life to actually go that way…so I think I may change it, to something like, “The simple life: Where Sleep is Plentiful, Children Are Angelic, and Life Goes According to Plan.”
Then I would be delusional.

The last few weeks have been some of the craziest of my life. Apparently, the way Slade and I roll is to do all of your MAJOR life changes in ONE weekend. This is NOT a good way to roll, people. The last few weeks consisted of packing up and moving out of our home that I loved, finishing a complete renovation of our new house, moving in with my parents, unexpectedly welcoming our PRECIOUS baby girl just over 6 weeks early, leaving her in the hospital, moving into our new house, parenting the boys at home and her in the hospital, all while in the middle of icemageddon WF 2015. Good times.

At the beginning of February, I was pregnant with what seemed to be the world’s largest baby,  and put on partial bed rest due to contractions. We were supposed to be moving in to our house Feb 12th, and it’s just wasn't ready. We (thankfully) sold our house, but had to be out. We decided to ship the boys to Hereford, then try to move as much of our stuff into our new house as we could.We had to move in with my parents so the house could get to a point where we could actually live there. Not in my plan, but it was what we had to do, so be it. Funny thing about moving…it’s the exact OPPOSITE of nesting, which is what I so desperately wanted to be doing.

We had been living with my parents for a few days when I started to feel pretty bad. I was 33 weeks along and looked like I was 33 MONTHS along. Honestly, I thought me feeling bad was my body just being DONE with everything. I was trying to pack up one house, deal with workers at the new house, make decisions, raise kids, all while being 8 mos. pregnant. I was exhausted.

On Feb 19th, I had a doctors appointment and was dilated to a two.  I was told…bed-rest…for real. Not the BS "bed-rest" I had been attempting for the last few weeks. So, to re-cap, I'm in the middle of a move, living with my parents and have a 5 yr old and a 2 yr old and now I'm laid up. Awesome. 

My poor parents helped us pack up my old house, haul it to the new one, and were now trying to unpack my new house while dodging painters, workmen, and who knows who else all while I am trying to direct traffic from on their couch. 

The next day, (Friday the 20th) we get the boys to school and Mom and I have it all planned where she will drive me to my new house, plop me on my bed that she set up the night before, and I could help direct which boxes went where. Then that weekend, we would get the house all set up and be totally moved in by Monday. Excellent plan! I was 20 minutes into getting dressed when my phone rings. Its my Dr. office…my blood work from the day before didn’t look so hot so they need me to go to a specialist. My platelets were way too low. Okie Dokie.

A minute after I get off the phone with the office, Mandy (my dr.) calls. As soon as I saw it was her, I knew…she was putting me in the hospital. She explained that she didn’t like my blood work and after having preeclampsia with Knox, she wanted to monitor me more closely, so I needed to go into the hospital. I was more annoyed than anything because I had things I really needed to get done. I burst into tears, ran into my mom’s room and bless her heart, she came out of the shower to find me sitting on her bed sobbing. I was freaked out, scared for my baby and now SERIOUSLY overwhelmed. The Lord knew where I needed to be when I got that phone call. With my mom. Beck is good under pressure. 

I get up to Labor and Delivery and tell them I am there to be monitored. The nurse looks at me and says, “Oh! Mrs. Hodges, we actually are going to put you in a delivery room because Dr. Winfrey has decided that she is going to go ahead and deliver today!” I stop mid stride, look at her with utter disbelief and say, “DO WHAT??”

Oh yes, Mandy had talked to a specialist at Cooks and it was decided that I was getting too sick to remain pregnant. The baby was fine. I was the problem. This is a lot for an overwhelmed pregnant woman to digest. I call Slade. He doesn't answer. SERIOUSLY!?! I call again... and maybe a few more times...finally, he answers and says, "Lindsey, I'm in a meeting! What is it?"
 Me: "We are having a baby today." 
Him: "......" 
Me: "Slade?" 
After what seems like entirely too long of a time, he says, "okay... so what do I need to do?" I tell him that if he would like, he can go ahead and come to the hospital...ya know, for the birth of his child. Poor guy, I REALLY keep him on his toes with this whole baby thing. To say he was shocked and overwhelmed would be a vast understatement. He gets to the hospital to find out they are going to deliver his baby, way to early, so that his wife doesn't stroke out. It was a lot. 

Did I also mention that we didn't know the sex of our baby? Also, that our infant carrier had expired so we had no car seat? Or, the fact that Briggs was still in the crib so, technically, we didn't have a crib for the baby. Or, that we didn't have a name picked out? Oh, and that we had no baby clothes for a girl? So, you ask, who was NOT AT ALL READY TO HAVE A BABY?" These two parents, thats who. 

Funnily enough, one of the most popular songs on the radio during this time was Rihanna's "Four Five Seconds" The hook of the song is, "Now I'm Four Five Seconds from wildin'" and every time I would hear it, I would think to myself, "girl.. you got no idea, I know exactly how you feel." I consistently felt like I was four or five seconds from completely losing my sh*t. Basically, I was trying not lose it in such an epic way that I ended up in a strait jacket somewhere... and this is only part 1. 

To be Continued...

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