Monday, September 16, 2013

Briggs is ONE!

I know...I know...I haven't blogged in forever. Well...having two babies makes things a little... busier. Shocking, I know. We have had LOTS going on, but, feel that the least I can do is post about sweet Briggs' first birthday!

This little love bug is one!

He looks like he is two. Bless him, he has been large since the moment of conception. Actually, bless ME..I am the one who has had to haul this kid around, in utero and out! Funny thing, after a pregnancy in which I looked like I swallowed a small whale and just about shut my body down... does he love and adore me? No. That would be reserved for his father. The one who DIDN'T birth him. Good thing he's cute. Briggs is the ULTIMATE Daddy's boy. Literally, if Dad is in the room and not holding him...he's probably crying or screaming, "HAAAYY!!!" at him.

We celebrated his birthday a few weeks ago with "Briggs' First Fiesta," and it was so much fun for all the fam to get together and celebrate this special little man.

Knox helping Bebo with the cooking.

Uncle Thomas! (all of us squinting)

Briggs and his best friend/main love ...Gan

Grandad and Briggs

first sugar ever....

He LOVED it...shocking 

Briggs and Bebo


Bob and Bebo with the grandkids

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